Friday, July 29, 2011


There was this lady that is always at the playground with her grandson. I always wondered why is she the way she is, overprotective. She'll be hovering around the kid, "M... careful. M, don't run so fast. M, slowly. M, watch out. M ..*wipe sweat*, M, drink water. M..... M....M.....M......" she'll be running together with the active kid all over the playground.

So it's been like near to 3 years I have been staying at this taman. But I seldom go to the park cos I'm alone with 2 kids and I think with the crime rate now, it's pretty dangerous to go to the park if there's not many ppl around. And if I'm there I'll be like a hawk , guarding my kid from nearby and I'll stare the hell out of anyone who would bully my kid.

So anyway, one fine day we're sitting on the swing and suddenly she said to me "You know, why I am so protective over M?" Wuah.. I thought "eh this woman can read my freaking mind wan leh!". Then she told me about how she used to guard the kid from nearby and she'll chat with the other moms and grandmas. Then one day, her grandkid suddenly just stood there and cried out loud. He kept saying his bum is painful. And when she checked his bum, it was burning red like as if someone placed a burning iron rod on his bum, one straight line. She then asked M to come and showed me the scar. Its was very clear and it was huge. That happened 2 years ago and the scar is still very visible.Imagine he was only 3 then. She  then asked the ppl arond what happened and no one know what happened. In fact whoever who was at the playground was all the ppl she knows. So they rushed the kid to emergency ward and the doctor came and asked M's mum who took care of M while this happened." Is it the maid?" And when they said it was the grandma the doctor said "okay, I don't want to ask anymore questions". Until now, no one know what happened. Of course she got blamed for what had happened and she is now so worried that something happened to the kid again while in her care.

Poor woman, she is helping her daughter to take care of the kid and the responsibility to take care of a kid is really huge, just imagine the stress. I must say, I felt sorry for her and also mad at myself for judging her for being overprotective without knowing the history. So when you're pissed at someone for being overprotective, maybe... just maybe they have a history that made them that way. :)


  1. i'm curious what happened to the kid. luckily not something serious but the poor old woman has to live with it for a long time.

  2. We should never judge another person just by looking superficially at the circumstances. Sometimes there is a reason like in this case. Poor lady.

  3. I agree with your conclusion, everything has a reason. We should always give people benefit of doubts.

  4. hey... i am mystified.. what actually happened.. why got red line till now.. can you go investigate.. i think we are very curious too...
    the doctor must have suspected child abuse initially, hor?
    goodness, i sound very 8..

  5. dang, poor grandma and poor kid. yes its true we should never judge other ppl for being the way they are. when ban was small i was very protective too because at the slightest whift of dust he would get an asthma attack and there we were always feeling worried and guilty like hell!

  6. yeah never judge a book of its cover..