Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Magic Word, according to them

Justin: Mami I want to bath!
Me: What must you say ? What is the Magic Word?
Justin: BATH?!
Me: No... you must say ...
Jayden: *elbow titi and whisper* you say sorry . You must say sorry wan.
Justin: Sorry mami. I want to bath!
Me: Oi! not sorry la. Sorry is when you did something wrong. Not when you ask for a favour. You must say.. pl.........
Jayden: pl...........sorry?
Me: No! hahahah Say Plllllllllease lah!
Justin: Sorry , Please mami, I want to bath!
Me: hahaha Aiyoh u two make me pengsan la. Come la let's bath!


  1. Lol they are both so cute. My niece and nephew once told me 'on light' for the magic word. Pengsan or not.

  2. haha... vomit blood but so cute!

  3. hahaha Teach them another magic word -- Pretty Mommy. ;)