Tuesday, July 12, 2011


on the bed at night...

Me: Jayden.. you're big boy edi. 5 years old edi.. it's time to move to your own bedroom you know.

JD: No! I am 4 years old only. I don't want to grow up.

Me: well.. this year you are 5 years old, then next year you will be 6. What cake do you want for your birthday?

JD: Thomas Cake (aiyoh same request since 2 years old!) But still, I don't want to be 6 years old. I want to be small forever.

Me: Cannot.. even if you don't want to grow up, you will sure grow up wan. Now you are 5, then slowly 6, then slowly 7. That time you need to change school edi. Then everyday I will give you 1 ringgit fifty cents or maybe 2 ringgit. That time you need to learn how to buy noodles, rice, or maybe ice cream or sweets la..

JD: *licking lips*.. buy sweets and ice cream ah?

Me: yeah but not everyday la.ok?

JD: okay. only when I am not coughing, okay?

Me: yes... then slowly you become bigger and bigger then can start to go to work. Wear nice shirt, nice pants then go to work. That time you earn your own money and you can give me back some money.

JD: * confused face* why give you money wan? Are you a beggar?

Me: UIK???!!! why you say I am a beggar?

JD: because you ask money from me ma...

Me: eh..... now you are small I give you money. Then when I am old, I cannot work edi ma.. so its your turn to give me back money la. if you don't give me money then who?

JD: Dadi lor..

Me: then when I am old, dadi also old. Dadi also cannot work edi. Then who will give him money leh?

JD: err Me?

Me: Yeah... Remember ah.... when you work you need to give us some money back. Now I hold your hand, when I am old you hold back my hand okay? Now I help you to do things, when I am old you also do back the same okay?

JD: mmmmmmmmmmm okay. I don't want to grow up edi.

Me: :S


  1. Yup, it's no fun being a grown up. Wah, he's really a loyal Thomas fan. Thomas still going strong.

  2. don't want to grow up...hmmm can we not grow older?

  3. U scared me too.. i also dont want to grow old!!

  4. Haha
    Certified: Don't want to grow up

  5. Alamak! Wrong information! hahah! Let him enjoy being kid before start to feed him about the responsibility when he is adult. :p

    hmm, i wish I would never grow old! hahah!

  6. hahahahha, glad jayden enjoy being a kid! when i was small all i wanted to do was to grow up :(

  7. I had the same conversation with Zen too... he said don't want to work and just want to play computer woh! :S