Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stick Bum Bum : Part 1

We were at Cherating waiting to go on the boat to see the fireflies. So the man kept telling everyone about why the fireflies have the light,  for mating purpose. The males will have short and fast blinks while the females have long and slow blinks. And after they mate, the male will drop on the floor and die immediately and the females will go and lay some eggs and also will die. So, Jayden was looking kinda lost when the man said "MATE" as per the picture :S

So I gotto explain in my own term...

Me: ah you hear the uncle say that the boys will have fast and short blinks. And the girls have long and slow blinks. So then they blink ha.. blink ha.. then the boy say "ah I like that "blink"" So he fly over and he look look at the girl and the girl look back at him.  If the girl also like him then she also blink ha... blink ha like that la.

Jayden: And then ? after blink leh?

Me: then blink ha... blink ha.. they like each other then they go stick the bum bum together la.

JD: why they have to stick the bum bum together wan?

Me: because they wanna make baby ma. So stick the bum together for a while, then after the mummy pregnant edi, then the daddy will fall to the ground and die.

JD: DIE???

Me: yeah.. will die wan.

JD: then the mummy leh?

Me: after that she fly back to her house, lay some eggs on the ground and then she also die la.


Me: yeah, she will die after she lay some eggs.

JD: BUT I don't want the MUMMY to die!MUMMY Cannot die wan!

Me: but then fireflies it's like that lor. Stick bum bum edi, pregnant edi, then die la. After that the eggs will have tiny fireflies coming out, you see become larvae ah, pupa ah.. then become adult fireflies and then they also blink ha..blink ha like that and then got new girlfriend and boyfriend lo.

JD: hmmmmm okay.

Few days later ...

JD: mami.. so last time you and dadi Yum Seng 3 times and then you stick bum bum and I come out already ?
Me: *Fuh! terkejut cos caught me off guard* errr yeah we yum seng 3 times, then we stick la the bum bum for quite long lah.. stick for 2 years then only only u came out.
 JD: hehe okay...


  1. gonna write a book on this? :)

  2. Stick bum bum together for 2 years. Such long, Sasha. lol!

  3. So..this is the new version of the Birds and The Bees!!

    hey, one day he will tell his friends that he came out from the Bum! hehehe...

  4. Now that u've covered the fireflies' mating process, hv u prepared the story for the human one? :D

  5. OMG luff die me!!! :p

  6. hahahahh! funny lah u :-)

  7. i was actually still struggling for the right way to teach qiqi about reproduction and then saw your post, hehe...what a good way to explain!

  8. haahhahahahahhah This woke me up...
    dull morning in office.

    btw, i didnt know cherating got firefliz...otherwise would go n see also....

  9. hmm... He must be wondering ... stick bum bum for 2 years ... ^-^

  10. wuahahah......what a good way of explaining how baby exist.

    I simply love your way of parenting.

  11. Very interesting conversation.

  12. STICK BUM BUM???? hahahahahaha sasha what will u come up with next!!!! hahahahha! thats what i like abt u, your total honesty!