Friday, July 08, 2011

Stick Bum Bum : Part 2

JD: mami.. i love you

Me: Baby I love you too *kiss kiss*

JD: can we stick bum bum?

Me: Choi! we cannot stick bum bum wan!

JD: why?

Me: cos i am your mother and you are my son ma. I can only stick bum bum with yr dadi and you can only stick bum bum with your wife.

JD: oh....where to find wife wan?

Me: well.... you need to go to school. That's why I wake u up every morning la. Brush teeth, wear clothes and then go and do your school work. Then you must do your homework. Slowly you become bigger and bigger then you can go to work. Then one day you will meet a girl..

JD: and can stick bum bum edi ?

Me: Noooooooooooooooooo.. NOT YET....and you will keep looking at her and your heart will BOK BOK, BOk Bok, like that. And you will think of her when you eat, you sleep and all the time. Then you will go and talk to her, then slowly ask her to go and eat rice together, watch movie in cinema then you can ask her 'can you be my girlfriend?' and if she say "okay" then u can hold her hands lor. Can kiss la.

JD: Can stick bum bum edi?

Me: Aiyoh.. not yet.. not yet...

JD: then when can stick bum bum?

Me: you forgot? Need to Yum Seng 3 times first wan.

JD: Oh..

ME: but then to yum seng, you need to find money first. Have enough money edi, then you buy house, buy car, then you bring everyone to the hotel and Yum Seng loud loud la. 

JD: then can stick bum bum edi?

Me: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...then u bring her home and stick bum bum la.

JD: oh...

Me: then you stick ha.. stick ha.. then she pregnant edi leh.. got baby edi.. then you become father edi. And dadi will become Grandfather.

JD: NO! cannot be grandfather.

Me: have to ma. That time old edi, and you have baby edi, then he will be grandfather and I wil be grandmother

JD: NO!! cannot be grandfather and grandmother!

Me: Why ah? (but i know why, cos he thought that when you become grandfather and old, sure die edi and he don't want us to die)

JD: Because I don't want you to be old. I don't want to grow up edi!

Me: ai....sooner or later also you will become big wan. Don't worry okay? So now, you just to go school and do your homework properly okay ?

JD: okay....


  1. Salute!!Mothers always can be so creative with children it very much..haha..stick bum bum..

  2. He can't wait to stick bum bum liao ^-^

  3. aiyo, i was reading this, on my ipod, want to faint liao... haha...
    now i learn how to teach kids in this way...
    damn funny.. but want to cry liao...

  4. Hahahhaha stick bum bum. Where he learn it from eh? He's seem doggies stick bum bum? Lol.

  5. your 'stick bum bum' attracted him liow.... :P

  6. Sasha, u make sure he doesn't go to tell his classmates that my mami said when we big we can stick bum-bum, so the girl can get baby LOL..

    Children are so cute n innocent, they always makes our day brighter:)

  7. hahaha very entertaining ^_*

  8. didnt add more juice? like kissing?ehhehe i m sure he will remember this illustration till older..

  9. LOL He'll be vy cautious when sitting next to a girl. Gotta make sure their bums dun touch. :D

  10. hmm...this statement scares me when i was in primary school. last time when i was younger, i tot ter-touch in crowded area like bus also can get pregnant.

  11. aiyohhh SUPER CUTE PLS! :D :D :D