Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Speak Mandarin

Jayden: Mami, who coloured this toby face with brown colour?
Me: Ni yau wen wo tung shi, ni jiou chiang hwa yi la (你要问我东西,你就讲华语啦-if you wanna ask me anything then you need to use mandarin to ask me) [fuiyoh... like real. actually the mother dunno how to speak mandarin. Saja bantai only]
Jayden: *think think*. Mami, WHO 颜色 (colour) Toby?
Me: :S hehe wo pu chi tau wor... (我不知道噢)

It's so funny cos he direct translate the colour with colour pencil and he doesn't know how to say WHO in mandarin and he mixed both the english and chinese together. Funny, but at least he tried. And soon he will be the one laughing at me cos he is going to chinese school.


  1. At least, willing to translate for u.. :)

  2. must must try yr very best to interact with him in mandarin. i didnt have anyone at home that speak mandarin. i feel so lost in school until std 4...that time also like "mature" jor..n hard work pays off.

  3. It is a good chance to learn Mandarin together with your boy.

  4. My 5 years old girll still mixing her Chinese with English but much better accent compared to a year ago! Dont worry, be patient. Your boy will be able to speak more Mandarin soon with continuous practice and encouragement.

    Now I have an English word to BM and Chinese to my girl when she asks me.

  5. Get him more prepared for Chn sch by speaking more Mand at home n watching more Mand tv progs.