Thursday, July 21, 2011


We're supposed to have a reno in our house. Supposed to do it like months ago. But got delayed because of so many issues. And the recent one seems so real, like IT IS GOING to happen. But it never did.

My contractor was supposed to work for me. But my neighbour's neighbour had been using my contractor at her house before he come over to work at mine. So one day, add one window. Then see, see, why not add another window. Then see samo, paint this wall. See samo, why not paint this wall also. Then see samo, why not we make a balcony like hers. Add ha.. Add ha.. it's like one freaking month and the fler is still adding more things. I got pissed and started to rant at my immediate neighbour about it. I said "i felt like going to him and tell him U slowly add la.. whole year add also nehmind. I find another guy to do my house". My neighbour, I think she felt sorry cos she was the one that passed my contractor's number to the other neighbour. So she quickly went and told the contractor about it. And then, the contractor told my husband that he's done with my neighbour and can start reno-ing our house the next day. But looking at the condition of my neighbour's house, we know it's not 100% done yet.

He came and measure and "YA, YA, YA, BOLEH" and I told him. YOU MUST finish this reno before chinese 7th month. And his eyes went big. I said "if you don't have confidence that you cannot finish on time, then postpone". But then I guess he wanted to secure the deal so he said "BOLEH".

So my hub and I quickly move the pots and pans into the living hall. Oh by the way, we're shifting the toilet which is located smack right in the middle of the house to the back corner to make way for a bigger dry kitchen. My hub moved the dining table to the side, all chairs up. Things all moved everywhere. I haven't been cleaning much cos what is the point right? Cos when u reno, one part of the house the entire house gets dirty. So clutter everywhere, dust.. Argh!

And then the day came and he sms "kereta rosak. Esok baru datang". NiaTooT ah!.
2nd day, Kereta rosak again.
I told my hub you go and tell him, takpe. Hari hari rosak pun tak apa. Tak Payah Buat.
But of course my hub didn't say like that. He samo say, "tak apa la..buat lain hari la. Lepas Hari raya".  I am surprised he didn't wished him Selamat Hari Raya also. :|

And u know what? right after my hub left my house, my neigbhbour called and told me that the contractor is at my neighbour's neighbour house. Probably collecting money. Oh.. kereta sudah baik kah? I never bother to ask. I just smsed my hub about it.

Then my neighbour went to "investigate". Chewah.. so professional! and found out that he is not done there. Still got more to do. But since my neighbour didn't pay him full, he also stopped his work. You wait for me, I wait for you. And then I wait for them. Sien or not?

And now the pots and pans are still in the living hall. The dining table is still at the wall with tones of stuff on it. Chairs stacked upside down. To clean or not to clean?  The house is damn cluttered with things all over. I'm not a very "neat" person but then looking at the condition of the house, my brain gets cluttered. I come home (well, I am always home, right?) I see my house.. wah sien.... so sien.... Lepas hari raya wor.. Selamat Hari raya lor! Toot!


  1. save the money...

    i wanted to do part 2 reno ..then procrastination.. now totally abandon. cos dont really need it. it was more like a want

  2. Please, don't toot
    Let it all come out
    Bottled up feeling isn't good ^-^

  3. Such irresponsible contractor! I hate the apa pun Boleh tapi cannot deliver attitude! Ask him go fly kite. Rabbits all the same.. Nevermund, nevermind...

  4. it is common for contractor to simply commit...

    mine, just a simple gypsum wall and a door take 3 weeks but till not now 100% complete, no door knob...

    whole apt was big time messy tooo...

    So i truly understand what you are facing now...

  5. toot toot indeed! i can imagine the mess thats making u pening and i get pening also!

  6. betul-betul toot lor.... find another contractor la.

  7. sigh... poor you... can get another contractor? maybe can ask those hardware shops if they know anyone?