Monday, August 08, 2011

No More Dots Dots?

So both my kids took turn to get measles. First was Jayden, and then 2 weeks later was Justin's turn. So I have been staying most of the time at home with them, no jalan-jalan, just stay at home and rot.

Jayden and Justin playing with the ipad on the hammock, homebound cos of measles.

So last Friday I told them..

Me: Sleep early yeah... tomorrow we can go kai kai edi.
JT: we can go kai kai? Is it because I don't have dots dots anymore?! *hands rubbing on body*
Me: YA MAN! no more dots!
JD: Is it because I also don't have anymore dots?!
Me: yeah, both of you recovered.
JD and JT: YAYYYYY!!!!!!
Me: so where do you wanna go tomorrow?
JT: I want to go to the ice cream soda, to buy ribena!
Me: HAH????  where is that? go to ice cream soda and buy ribena???? hahahhahaha
JT: yeah go to ice cream soda there , to buy ribena lah!
Me: okay okay we'll go to the ice cream soda to buy ribena for you tomorrow. Jayden, then where do you wanna go?
JD: I want to go ikea!
Me: Hah? Ikea? To see furniture ah?
JD: *smile smile*

Justin wanna go to Ice Cream Soda to buy ribena = Wanna go to 7-11, cos he saw the ice cream soda next to the ribena the night before. Hence 7-11 = Ice Cream Soda. hehe

Jayden wanna go to Ikea = actually he wanna go to metrojaya curve to play with the wooden track with his own trains.

Note for myself:
Jayden Measles Discovery Date :12/07/2011 
Justin Measles Discovery Date: 27/07/2011


  1. Glad to know they had recovered, and you take some rest.

  2. Go go... perhaps you can also relax in Ikea.. take a break.. :)