Thursday, March 05, 2009

Two of them Four of Them

Monday 1230am, received a phone call from my brother asking me to go to the hospital, fast. Dad's no good condition. And all my siblings went and as usual, my dad is OK. Then the next morning, me and my elder sis spent the entire day accompanying my dad to IJN and heartscan in Bangsar to prove that he is perfectly fine and he is just Hypochondriac, I thought it was time for me to rest. Very tired cos it was hell of a dramamama day for me. You don't wanna know and you will never guess what I did to persuade him to go for the scan.

Before I doze off, my Big C came and told me " I guess people born on the XX of June always make you headache huh?".

Cerite lama sikit :::::Yeap he and my dad share the same birthday.Attitude, unfortunately is the same. *sigh* You see when I was younger I saw how my mum told my dad that she wanted Durian. Back then durian was a seasonal thinggy and you wont get to eat it anytime you want. And my dad went out to buy durian for my mum and only return near to midnight with one pack of durian. That night, I told myself.. how lucky if I can find a man like my dad. And when I was still "friends" with Big C, I remember pointing at a huge doll in Airport Terminal 3 (while sending our internet friend off) and said "So cute hor?" And he bought it for me the next day. That sold me off instantly. I finally found a man that is the same as my dad! I THOUGHT CHAP TOU POU!

Then, someone woke me up that night and it was Big C. No.. he didn't wake me up for something notty. He woke me up and told me that he suspected that he has Appendicitis and will drive to hospital himself. I asked him "You can lift your leg what. That's not appendic ma." He said that he cannot bear the pain and drove off. I went back to sleep, cos I know it's gonna be a long day AGAIN for me. The next day I spent the entire day in the hospital accompanying him. Again, he has diamonds in his kidney. So doc asked him to go back and try and "get it out" by himself. Otherwise gotto go and "get it out". So that's one whole day.

So that was supposed to be for the title TWO OF THEM..until....

And I thought that I can rest on Wednesday, send jayden to sch, then chill and try and get some work done. But I couldn't wake up and I thought No need to go school la............... and he was so cranky and keep whining then I hugged him and OUCH! he was so hot! Having high fever. So gave him medicine, keep monitoring him while my maid handled Justin. Justin kept looking at me smiling and said "Ba Ba Ba Ba.." Yeah very cute babbling :)

Anyway, by 5.30pm Jayden woke up from nap and he didn't move much, but just sat there and cried. And my maid hugged him and he was just drooling and didn't move. Spider veins was obvious on his hands and we rushed to Yenjai's place. And by then he was better and took some paracetamol and said "bye dokker..."

So that was wednesday.. and by thursday I thought that everything is fine. no...................... Jayden was having fever and I thought how come Justin is not awake yet and touched him. OMG.. he is having fever pulak. So gave him paracetamol and gave Jayden some too. Tried to feed Jayden abit of porridge and then he turned around and OMG.. his nose was bleeding. Scared the *toot* out of me and my maid so i called Yenjai and he asked me to see if his gums ws bleeding or not. Thank god his gums are okay otherwise it will be dengue problem edi.. And now both of them are better, hope no more fever after this and hope that both of them are teething....

So here goes my Thursday....and there goes my entire week.  

So it proves that not only people born on the same birthdate make me headache.. but any guys related to me will make me headache. Thus, the title of this post is the "four of them".


  1. wow. a LONG week hur, it had been. be strong yah, u don't pulak tumbang hor. sigh. take care.

    nasib u have yenjai doc as ur good fren hor. so good jus a speed dial away if anything :)

    take care babe, hope things will get better soon for all of you

  2. wah so bz week and still can blog hop..n write blog entry..SALUTE.. for me, i will one char siew already *pengsan*

  3. Hugs to u, dun stress out too much ya? Even though I know that it's quite hard not to be STRESSED!

  4. muahahahaha...the way you wrote it is so funny lah!!! don't be so stressed ok? I forgot to ask you...jayden's nose bleed, is it because he's heaty?

  5. but ahhh... the 2 Js not born in June wat! hehehee... seriously, hoping those 4 boys in your life gets well soon ya

  6. so funny ler u!!! reading it seems like hearing from u personally. anyway, hope u will have a good rest after all this!

    take care!

  7. Speedy recovery to the boys (big n small)! U take care too.

  8. yoh, poor sasha. you must be feeling so exhausted ...

    we all can feel your pain, and i am sure everyone here will pray for speedy recovery for all these men in your life ...

    you take care of yourself, k?

  9. heck of a week. hope the guys will all get well soon! hang in there!

  10. They say *sin foo gow tim*.. I'm sure all will be smooth sailing for you now on. Big hugs... No wonder MIA for so many days.. :(

  11. I read oso I headache adi. I hope everyone recovers real soon.

  12. Hey women, you take care too!

    Truly can feel your "stress!"!

  13. Wow...luckily, you still young and have a strong heart beat....If me, I guess I will get heartattack liao..sure because of the can tell if they are sick, etc..etc..but, not the kids.....

    Anyway, do get more rest and enjoy your weekend ya!!

  14. hope the kids are better by now..

  15. that was really hectic & tiring.... sweating man!!
    it's really heartache taking care of sick ppl esp when they r yr beloved ones..lagi!!

    speedy recovery for all yr men!!

  16. oh my.. what a drama..

    I just hope everybody is fine now.