Monday, August 18, 2008

Spinning Around..

Last Friday was a bad bad night for me. Jayden got so sticky to me, basically hung on to me like a kutu. Mamimi this..Mamimi that... Actually he does that to me everynight. But somehow on Friday night it just felt like whatever he was doing was so irritating and I couldn't take it. I kept pushing him aside and asking his dadidi to take over. 

Suddenly I felt like as if I was suffocating and wanted to lie down on the bed-uniterrupted. Nope, Jayden wants to play aeroplane, wanted me to give him a piggy back ride. Kept using his hands to turn me around. And suddenly I felt like the whole world was spinning around.

So I thought okay...I'm way too stressed since I couldn't breath properly while I was at work. So I told Big C to get Jayden away from me otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do to him. But nope, I don't know what happened, Jayden refused his father. I finally burst and hugged Big C and just cried my heart out. Jayden just lie down next to me and looked at me crying.  And then I fell asleep. Or izit pengsan??! I don't know.

I woke up middle of the night, still dizzy.
Woke up the next day, still dizzy but it got better after my roti canai breakfast (maybe cos the food healed me,hehe)  and I accompanied Jayden to his class. After that I gave my gynea a call and asked her what happened and according to how I describe it, I have middle ear infection. *phew* I tot I was having low blood pressure and will pop anytime! Anyway at least another 2 more weeks for me *pray* 

And Sunday, I thought that I wanna go and have a final look at what I've left out for the arrival of No2 in Mother's and Baby Exhibition. Yeah.. some of you will say "IT'S NEXT WEEK WHAT????!" That is how blur I AM! Sigh.. i think I'm going kuku edi. I really need a break. Can I still go for holiday before I pop?

Anyway, to remind myself to move my @ss, I've made a checklist:
CL + Baby's room = Cleaned but not in order yet.
Confinement stuff - herbs = Haven't get it yet. But no worries, I have 3 uncles that operates herbal shops.
CL : need to call to reconfirm that she's coming otherwise I need to find replacement.
CL's pay: Anyone wanna sponsor? It's 3K now..
Cooking wine: Mom got it ready! 2 different flavours some more *yum*
Dome: (big C we have left overs right?)

Baby's cloth diaper= washed and folded.
Baby's clothes= washed, folded and sorted according to sizes
Bottle sterilizer= :( not yet
Car seat = Sent for rewrap and its looking like brand new.
Baby cot= Up but not dressed up yet.
New clothes for baby to come home with= Bought.
New clothes for Full Moon= Bought.

For me:
Breast pump = checked and its working fine.
Hospital Bag = half packed cos I don't know what to bring.
Urut Lady: got contacts but haven't selected one that is not scared of dogs.
Breast feeding pillow= Got it!

What else?? what else? I just wanna get everything sorted out and chill. But I don't think Jayden is gonna let me do that. *sigh*


  1. Hey, there;s nothing like a good cry!!!! You feel better!!! Looks like you have everything covered. If you need to borrow steriliser, i got a steamer. I'm now using cold water steriliser. Don't forget, going home clothes for Mummy. I forgot mine so ended up wearing PJs (pasar malam shirt with 3 holes at the back!) out from the hospital. Pack socks and cardigan for youself very cold.

  2. Aiyooo.. poor you. I hope things will get better soon, yeah? Regarding the sterilizer, hopefully HL will get it sortedlah. Good luck! :)

  3. chooipeng1:23 PM

    what about a present to Jayden from baby?

  4. aiks!! urut ladies scared of little doggies? >.<

    middle ear infection? but anyhow more!! no idea about the thigns to prepare..but i'm sure u're doing good!! =)

  5. hahahaha, i had a good laugh at "urut lady" which not afraid of dogs. LOL

    Hmmm...looks like everything all in order lo. Like what chooi peng said, a present to jayden from baby? * i read this from somewhere, but i forgot which mommy. :)*

    Take care and chill!

  6. fashionasia3:23 PM

    CL is 3k now ah??
    goodness....i think im due during CNY its probably gonna cost 6k right??? thank God my mom volunteered...doubt i can find one at that time too.

  7. nice check list!~ ganbatte!~

  8. looks like you're ready already. make sure BigC ready too :)

  9. don't worry
    seems like you always worry too much
    relax sasha
    Rub rub back

  10. relax, relax...
    at first thought you almost gave birth dy...

    if cant get sterilizer in time, just find a big pot and everytime boil the stuff. that what i used anyway and until Today....

    when the urut lady comes, put the dog into the cage? tie the dog?

    should be ok... u r almost there...

    take care!

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  12. Good that you cry out to relief.. May b you should get someone help on jaga big korkor aft baby J out...confinement mummy burst lagi susah..

  13. relax relax...."boat will be straight when reach bridge" (Canto saying).

    Hahaha..i got almost nothing ready for Dylan and yet i survived!

    *but pls don be like me lah*

  14. Hope you are feeling much better. Sound a little scarry to read about your spinning. Take care.

  15. look like all ready wor....
    yur hse got dog running around?? hehe

  16. Take care Sasha. Hug hug.

  17. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Hospital Bag checklist - hope this helps!

  18. Relax, girl. Breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out... Hope u won't hv anymore dizzy attacks.
    Hv u made arrangements on who's gonna take care of Jayden in the event u need to be admitted in the middle of the nite?

  19. Sasha, wish you luck in your future life with baby and Jayden and work without a maid. For the time being, relax and take care and have a safe delivery.

  20. Wah, so organized :) Just a reminder, wonder if you used to use breast pad or not? It's a must for me, coz milk kept leaking out :P Wish you a safe and smooth delivery!

  21. yes, get jayden for shopping for a gift for no 2.

    Seemed like you are ready. Good luck.

  22. Hope that you're healed fr your ear infection. Mothers know best - you'll definitely be ready when the time comes.

  23. relax my dear! Everything is going to be alright.

  24. u one big super organised mama!!

    take care...waiting to see your baby soon

  25. Almost there oo... 2 more weeks. Last chance to enjoy threesome time...

  26. am kinda kan cheong also.. hahaha.. good luck & all the best!

  27. u will have a safe, great delivery :) you can do it! take care

  28. whoisbaby10:56 PM

    wah, CL cost 3k????? i thought 2K only. they really know how to earn ... better pay than a lot of ppl.

    you seem to have everything in order. i think i work better with listing all the things down too.

  29. Have you pack your labor bag?

  30. Ready.. set... Go...