Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting Ready for No.2

Before I gave birth to Jayden, one of the routine for me was to apply hand cream onto my super dry hands. I don't know why. For me, I think that the baby's skin is the most delicate thing ever so that's why I have this tendency to make my hand soft to welcome it. *lol*

But this time round, I'm so bogged down with work, Jayden, cleaning, cooking and blablabla. So many things to handle and so little time. I totally forgot about my hands! So when Barbara introduced it to me few weeks ago, I was thrilled and even emailed to ask for a sample. It came a few days later.

PhotobucketOf course I tried it immediately and instantly I fell in love with it. First, it gives you the dry and yet moist feeling-unlike my usual hand cream which I have to wait for it to dry then only I can resume with my work. Imagine, I can even apply it while waiting for the light to turn green at the traffic lights!

Besides that, I love the fragrant free smell. Unlike my other hand cream, everyone would know that SASHA IS APPLYING HAND CREAM because everyone can smell the rose smell. My boss would give me the look like he's suffocating! *lol*

Since I'm in the air-cond room from 9am - 6pm, my skin tends to be very dry. With the normal hand cream, you need to reapply it over and over again to ensure that your hands are moist all the time. But with this Gloves In A Bottle, the moisture were locked in because it works like an invisible pair of gloves. 

Well, it's been a week since I have started on Gloves In A Bottle and I can say I'm happy with the result. Probably by 2 weeks time, my hand will be smoother to welcome my no.2.

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  1. Wuah, really so good ah? I read abt this item before and was quite tempted to get one and try. My hands are usually very dry from the frequent washings. SO after wash, need to reapply again bo?

    Btw, how to get the free samples?