Tuesday, April 02, 2013


JD: AIYOH!!! I forgot my wallet!

Me: don't worry. I can give you money. How much do you need?

JD: I only need 1 ringgit to buy Solivite.

Me: before or after school?

JD: before school.

Me: do you need more? If you spend your 1 ringgit then you won't have anymore money

JD: erm... you can give me one more dollar

Me: Sure? 

JD: one dollar and fifty cents la.

Me: *give him 1.50 and went down to help him with his bag. hugged and kissed him*

JD: *walked away..stop and U turn to come back and gave me a hug and kiss on lips and walked away*

Me: *tearing and quickly run into car and cried*


  1. so sweet lor him, next time go buy the oscar award 'sweetest son ever'...but right, my first thought is 'RM1.50 now still can buy things one?' i thought now school canteens all very exp liow! hahaha

  2. Awwww......melting to the max!