Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Asperger : Heart to Heart Talk

How often do you have a "heart to heart" talk with your kids? I do it almost every night. Aspie kids have tough time expressing themselves, so we need to slowly help them to express themselves. When I first started with it, he just replied "ok/nice/don't know". But I didn't give up, in fact i tried for months and was disappointed in the beginning. Now he is able to tell me what happened to him at sch, how he feel and I can tell him how to overcome it. 

Just last night, he told me he was sad cos' his neighbour in class refused to borrow him her glue. He asked "can i borrow your glue?" Her answer was just "NO!" although she is not using it.

So he told me he was hurt and he had no choice but to tell the teacher that he didn't have any glue and the teacher borrow hers to him. So I asked him what will happen if she was in him shoes, any chance he is going to lend it to her, he said "Nope. I am not going to lend it to her". Holding grudges there.

So I explained maybe she lost her glue before just like how you lost yr stuff too and her mum asked her not to borrow anyone. And also because you always forget to say "Thank You" so ppl are pissed. So don't be angry with her.

I also praised him for his courage to go and tell teacher about it. And we should prepare our own stationaries instead of always asking around. So he was alright when he went to bed. Today before going to school, he asked me to bring him to buy glue. At least he remember what I said the night before.

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