Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pajamas Pants for JD

My son loves red. But last night he just requested for a green pj pants. I have no idea why. But anyway he has grown so much, his pj pants are so short. So the other day I bought some stretchable fabric from Supplies Surprise Bazaar and so happen its green and black stripes. Last night I was itching to sew so i just began cutting my fabric.

Cutting the fabric according to his current pants, adding extra length.

After I took this pic, I asked myself "why am i making step by step when anyone can google step by step online? " haha So stopped taking pics and just continued to sew and sew while watching my AOD chinese movie. And I manage to let him wear it before he sleep.

Happy boy just woke up and went to my garden to weed.:)

I have added extra length and worried he might trip over so I have added a smaller leg opening so that it will hold it up and won't let him trip over.

Ahh.. it feels so good to finally sew something for my boy. I hope more to come :D


  1. This pants look indeed nice, especially with the small leg opening, you are such a thoughtful and handy mom. Thumbs up.

  2. love the small opening! make it trendy leh! it's been so long i sew anything too! hope to see more from u!!!

  3. Nice green pants. If only I am that good at sewing! Lol!