Thursday, April 25, 2013

b and d

One problem that my son face is that he writes in mirror image. I was wondering what is so hard about  writing the alphabets correctly. Then I read a blog of a teacher that taught dyslexic kids to read, he said asking a dyslexic child to read is like asking a right handed guy to write with left hand. You never know how hard it is until you are in his shoes. :( So i told myself I need to be very very patient.

So I began to search online on ways to help him. A friend of mine is also doing the same thing. And once she showed this to my son. She said "Justin look at my finger....this is b" and she waved her left hand and did a thumbs up. I know that Justin won't understand so I came home and asked him to show me his left hand with a thumbs up and I did this animation for him so that he can see what we meant.

   photo b-animation.gif

And then I asked him to give me a thumbs up with his right hand.

 photo d-animation.gif

I showed this to him and will be practicing with him more.

b and d

Once he mastered this, I will move on to P and Q. *fingers crossed*


  1. i used to be a slow learner when i was a child. i also read n write based on mirror images. it was difficult to write the letter s, b, d n etc...i wore my shoes wrongly n these went on up till primary 3! despite all that, i managed to be top student in my school n did well in maths. as a child, i got motivated whenever i got laughed at. it got worse when i had buck teeth. thank god i got a mum who is so understanding n loving. with mom like u, im certain ur children will turn out well. have faith in them, coz they want to have faith in u 2. i scored well throughout school up till uni n managed to get scholarship offers from a number of sponsors. i hope u'll hang on there n pray that everything turn well for u n kids. hugs! u r a great mom, sasha. sincerely:sabby

    1. Thank You Sabby for your experience and encouragement. :)