Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teaching lil' boy to read

JT was in kindy G for year before this. And I always wonder why he can't read even simple words like "apple" or "boy". And after some observation, I found out that he reads and writes in mirror image. Being a leftie, they say it's very common.
And being 4 yrs old, they say it's common also.
But one whole year and still not being able to read, I'm abit worried that he dyslexic. And since the principal in kindy G shuns JD for being an Aspie, I was so ready to leave that kindy.

Notice that the entire word is mirror image? He said that when he see his teacher write on the board, it's like this. Scarry?

This year JT is in kindy B and I have informed the teacher about his problem and also worked on helping him to correct his reading and writing problem at home. Writing is a very hard thing for him, I still wonder why. There's always excuse that his hand is painful, his eyes tired, and much more. I was pissed each time I helped him and I end up pulling my hair and screaming like a mad woman. And then I started to google for methods to teach him to read. I tried a few method and then finally I found that he can read when I'm using the phonics method.

So I changed my method of teaching:
1. Use whiteboard to write and asked him to write and teach me back

2. Sit where he likes, floor.

3. Use alot of colours to get him interested

4. Mind mapping using pics that connects with him

5. Teach abit each day and revise what I have taught previously.

And recently I made flipcards with words and pictures and I gave this set to his school teacher so she can share with other kids. :) If you want a copy for your kids, let me know and I'll email it to you :)


  1. hardworking mummy

  2. Yes, yes, do send a copy to me. My sis always complains of her son not reading at 6 and I don't think she's put in much effort la.. :) Thanks!

  3. My boy also sometime write mirror image. Got specific term for it but forget. Leonardo da Vinci also can write mirror image.

  4. mememe,
    choong94 at gmail :)

    thank you!

  5. hi Sasha, been following ur blog since my friend recommended. Her nephew is dyslexic. Would really appreciate if u can email the flipcards. TQ!