Monday, April 08, 2013

Making own compost pipe bin

I used to go around digging holes to bury my kitchen scrap. And most if the time it's hard cos I don't have a big veg patch and I have plants all over the raised bed. And then I came across a pic in Pinterest and they mentioned about this composting pipe bin. How awesome! And I have so many leftover pipes from my house renovation and I went to the hardware store to buy the pipe cover (Pinterest suggest we use pot to cover the pipe) but I think it's much neater like this :)

Just drill some holes around it so that worms have access to the scraps in the ground.

Remove all the soil in the pipe and bury them deep covering all the worm holes. Cover the pipe with a cover ( you can use an overturn pot) but I use a proper pipe cover bought from hardware store.

I made a slightly taller one here. You can keep adding kitchen scrap into the pipes. Don't forget to cover it otherwise you will have maggots crawling around.

So now I have pipes all over my raised bed, and I can just keep adding new scrap into the pipes. My worms are fed, and I don't have to collect the poop and pee, it goes direct to my plants. Save my time!


  1. fertilize ur plant. but will it get full then no place to put?

    1. I have many around my garden. :)

  2. wow,a great idea for plant and human too. Win win situation!!