Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Asperger: What are you thinking, my son?

Few nights ago, JD came running to me with the extendable pipe on his head. He said "Mami! Look at me! Come and put your head on the other side!" He giggled and giggled so hard. I said, "Come! Come!" And joined him. And we took this pic.

And he laughed even harder. And when I took this pic, I was thinking "How good if there is a gadget like this that can connect our brains and make me know and understand what he is thinking and what is happening inside his brain".

Unfortunately, there is none and I will never know a lot of things (for now)
▪               how it feels to be extra sensitive towards certain things like smell or words.
▪               why he refuses to do something although I have mentioned to him like million times.
▪               why he does certain things with the sequence and that style.
▪               why he cannot eat Kon Lou noodle or fried noodles.
▪               why is it so hard for him to talk to his classmates?
▪               Why he refuses to drink even a drop of plain water although he is so thirsty
▪               why he cannot buy anything by himself.
▪               And why he can have sudden meltdown.

I will never know now, but it's okay. I just got to make sure that I would be there when he is ready to tell me things. Although we don't have the "special connector" but we have time and love. Last one year, JD has told me a lot of things about himself. He also taught me a lot of things, things that I never thought I could do. And because of him, I have learnt how to appreciate life and simple things and know how to prioritize and to stay focus. I can see so much improvement in him and I know he can be much better. Just waiting for the day when I can say "what are you thinking my son?" and he can tell me straight to my face instead of me wondering. :)

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