Thursday, April 04, 2013

Asperger: Building an Invisible Wall

My son used to say "I don't know" just to shut us off so that we stop asking him questions.  Whatever you ask him, his answer would be "I don't know". So one day I told his therapist about it and she said "okay, i will think of something". And on the day of the session, JD went in the room with her and after 45 mins, she came out and briefed me about the session's activities and what are his progress. She told me that she drew stickman and illustrated how JD is adding invisible bricks and building an invisible wall between him and his friends each time he said "Don't know" or refused to answer or communicate. He got upset and said he doesn't want a wall in between them. He demanded that she erase the wall (in the paper). She said alright, but how to erase the invisible wall that he already built between him and other people. She then told him, if he were to reply appropriately then it will remove the invisible bricks and eventually more and more friends will come. "Do you want that to happen?" And he said "yes!" So that really changed JD and his way of communicating with his friends.

When he was younger, his friends would say "my mummy bought this tupperware for me" And he'd reply "Do you know how to spell Thomas?" He doesn't know how to communicate and make the conversation last longer and it puts ppl off. That's the main issue being an Aspie. Now, he is able to communicate and respond accordingly.

Aspies are more "visual" people. Therefore by illustrating it out, he can understand faster. So I have re-illustrated and made this gif images so that if your kid has the same issue, maybe you can show this gif image to them and probably tell them the same. Aspies may seem to be loner, but actually they really want to make friends. They just don't know how. Let us help our kids to have a better future :D

Asperger - invisible wall photo asperger-dont-know.gif

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  1. Its good that your son therapist have some ideas to make JD understand.