Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opps He did it again!

I tell you.

I think Justin has got this super power to hypnotise people, make them melt and buy things for him.

Just like this one.

Manage to hypnotise his dad to buy him a coffee maker from the "reduce to clear section". The father kept saying "want meh? Don't want lah".... He kept quiet and hold on to the toy, just sit in the cart and stare at the toy long long. And then the father like buta buta go and pay for it. :S You see, he did it again.

This is him, after he manage to hypnotise my sister to buy him a set of fish. All he did was hold on to it, and voila! He did it again.
Btw, he is in love with fish. Any kind of fishes and he knows most of the fish name/kinds. He said fish are friends, not food. But he likes to eat fish. :S

But what about me? Do I get hypnotised by him? 
hehe, most of the time...

I think I have immunity to get hynotised by him. 
Probably I have an anti-Justin-Hyponsis filter or something.

This is him, sleeping with a Talking-Toby. I refused to open and give it to him cos I asked him to clean his playroom and he didn't do a good job. So he held it tight and went to sleep with it.
Evil? hehe someone's gotto be the bad cop right?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Say It

I was packing some stuff in boxes to get ready for renovation. And then Justin stood in front of me. So in a hurry , I said "Move..move..."

He put his hands to his waist and said "You need to say it"

I was pissed cos I was trying to clean up fast and there he was blocking my way. "Aiyoh please lah! Move lah!"

And he said to me in a very calm voice "you must say, excuse me".

Kantoi, I thought. So I said "CAN YOU PLEASE EXCUSE ME!"

And very calmly he said "oh okay, and skipped away".



The other day he asked me for something (which i forgot what was it, out of memory edi now) and ...

JT: Thanks!
Me: *silent- walked away in a hurry to do something*
JT: *followed* hey mami.. you forgot to say something ah...
Me: what? *know what he wants me to say but saja wanna tease him*
JT: you must say something ah....
Me: what? I don't know what you're trying to say
JT: *pissed* you know! you MUST say something when I say Thanks!
Me: oh? what is it? I dunno wor...
JT: *tearing and kicking* You know wan! YOu must say!
Me: *lol* I don't know!
Me: oh..... you're welcome.
JT: *wipe tears* oh okay..*skipped away*
Me: :|

Friday, September 23, 2011

Here we go round the Mulberry Bush...

Taken from my Mulberry tree.

Used to enjoy plucking these from the tree in my primary school last time until one day Mrs. Lum decided that she wants all the berries all by herself (and the tree is not hers!) She forbids everyone from plucking and I always see her plucking those and putting them into a big Tupperware. How selfish eh? Anyway now that I have my own tree, I allow my kids to pluck (of course wash lah) and eat it fresh just like how I used to do last time. And the smile on the face is priceless.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Same Species?

With my husband...
Me: babe, can you pls help me find X?
Hub: Where ah?
Me:Aiyoh.. if I know I won't ask you to help find lor...*sigh*

With Jayden...
Me: B ah.. Can you help mami find X?
JD: Where?
Me: *sighhh*

With Justin...
Me: BB, can you please help Mami find X?
JT: hey, I am busy ah!
Me: *sighhhhhhhhh*

You tell me.. is it because they are the same species that's why the action-reaction they gave me are the same?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got a GOOOODDD Idea!

So we're in a restaurant just now and just after they finished their lunch, it began to rain very heavily.

Me: Aiyoh! Rain lah. So heavy rain samo!

JD: Oh Rain! *damn happy*

JT: Ah! Mami! I GOT A GOOOOOOD IDEA! * eyes shinning*

Me: Oh what good idea?


Me: *chardou* haha Its a very good idea, IF we have an umbrella with us now.

JT: We can go to the car to get umbrella mah

Me: If I go to the car and get umbrella, then I will be wet right? If I have umbrella to walk to the car now, might as well I use the umbrella to bring all of us to the car, get it?

JT: Oh... *disappointed*

JD: *Happy- noticed that he is always very chirpy dude* We... Can cover our head like this!! *cover head with both hands*

Me: haha, but its raining so heavily then we'll be all wet. And if anyone of you get sick, then dadi will scold me you know?

JD: oh... *disappoiinted*

So we waited and waited until the rain turned into drizzle. So I thought we better get going cos our contractor is at home alone. So we did what we normally do, which is the bigger one will cover the smaller one with our t-shirt. But I was wearing a tight fitting blouse so I can't cover JD's head. Usually under this kind of situation, dadi will cover JD's head and I'll cover JT's head. So, I told JD to cover JT's head with his t-shirt and I will cover him with my body.

And so we did. And we walked like a caterpillar . The small one was enjoying it. His head was entirely in JD's head so he can't see a thing. And JD asked me the sweetest thing "Mami, I covered titi's head. But who will cover your head?"  

Kena drizzle also nevermind by then :)

The PURPLE one lah...

We're at supermarket and JT was eating his yogurt in the cart. The lady behind us was staring at him cos he was concentrating so hard with the yogurt and he was so dirty. So she made some funny faces and teased him...

JT: someone is looking at me.

Me: it's okay la.

JT: someone is disturbing me.

Me: It's okay la.. don't bother la..

JT: she is disturbing me again.

Me: who lah? *pretend dunno*

JT: that purple wan lah

Me: haha, which purple one?

JT: the one wearing purple behind you lah

Purple Lady's dad: *speaking in teowchew* oi, you see you disturb ppl's son, now the son is complaining to the mother la

Purple Lady: hah? got meh?

Purple Lady's dad: he say the one wearing PURPLE colour, YOU LAH!

Purple Lady: *look at her own blouse* oh yeah hor! hahahhaha

Me: hahahaha

JT: *roll eyes*

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On His Actual Bday

backdated post (again!)

He officially turned 3 on the 10th , which is a Saturday. So we've been telling them to be good so they can attend titi's bday party on Saturday. So come Saturday both of them were so happy. When I broke the news to Jayden that Justin's party is only the 2 of them, his face changed and he was so disappointed. "Why so little people he asked me. Where are the rest?" (Long story cut short, too many things happened) I just said "it's okay, we just celebrate and have fun ourselves okay?" So off we went to KidsZone in Plaza Damas. When we got there, there were about 15 kids so it's pretty empty. Both of them enjoyed it, at first.
He kept asking me to take his picture with a pose like this. 

This is the lil guy and the big guy.
He was sleeping when we had our lunch before coming to kidszone. So he was hungry and I bought him sausage bun and soya bean drink for lunch.

So after lunch, he went straight to "work". When the ball flew out from the machine, he jumped flapping his hands. On and off he'll come and tell me that someone pushed him, someone snatched his toy, someone scold him. Yeap, that's my Justin boy.  Never get bullied. In fact he protects his older brother too :S.

Eh its been a long time I post my own picture in this blog hor? haha
yeah, that's Jayden and myself lying down on the floor and snapping our own photo.

and with the lil guy.

And then they got bored. Really bored... cos it's only the 2 of them. No sing song, No food, no play games, no birthday cake, no FUN!

Him and his fav fish toy.

Really pity him. That's the first time we didn't have a proper birthday party for my kids. I always told myself to at least have a small party for my kids cos when I was younger, no one remembers my birthday and  I hardly get any bday card or gift from friends cos it always falls on during school holidays. I felt so bad for not being able to give him a party due to some personal reasons (and it sucks!). So I thought  I wanted to bring him away to a holiday and celebrate but we're renovating our house at this period of time. So no traveling for us. *sigh*

P/S: Sorry Justin, probably next year you can celebrate with your friends in school yeah?

And later that night we went for dinner with my parents. My first sis and her hub came and joined us and they gave him this.
Cool ride right?. Of course he was very happy . But cannot play at home for now cos renovation and everywhere is so dirty. So gotto wait till reno stop in like 2 weeks time. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Justin's 3rd Birthday

backdated post..

My neighbour told me she wanted to throw a party for Justin. So we went over for a dinner the day before his birthday. I think she started preparing one day before the actual day. And so we went over at 5.30pm cos I thought I wanted to help her to prepare but then she was already mopping her floor by the time I got there. So the kids played and the mom just sit back and relax for a bit cos I have been working non stop on my designs for the past week.

Ah my baby boy that is turning 3 (then). He looked so mature (and obidient too) in this pic hehe
She even asked her husband to buy a cake for him.

She cooked Jeu Hu Char, Prawns, Indian Curry and also Sau Meen (birthday noodles) and not forgetting soup for Jayden too.
The kiddo was very happy of course, especially when we sang bday song for him

And that's a really HAPPY BIRTHDAY for him :)

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Witch

I went to pick Jayden up and suddenly he told me :

JD: Mami, the witch in the Hansel and Gretel book is not a good witch
Me: Oh why ah ?
JD: cos ah..she went and prepared a feast for Hansel & Gretel. All sweet things lah.
Me: Then? Kids like mah
JD: No. She should cook soup with brocolli and carrot. And feed them rice.
Me: Hah.. what kind of witch is that la?

So funny that he said that cos he likes to eat rice WITH SOUP more than desserts and he expects Hansel and Gretel to be the same also.

Then I though some more.... if there's really a witch that served rice with soup, then she won't be able to catch any children at all. And most probably , the only witch that serves rice with soup for kids is me. Haha!

Ai... I know. I'm gila edi. hahahhahahah Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Best Broom & Mop or Sweeper *updated*

Okay, its aunty silai moment now.

I must, MUST share with you this.

I used to use this sweeper from Scotch Brite.

Its approx Rm50 for this. And you need to remove the micro fibre using yr hands, hand wash and then stick and seal both the sides before you can start to clean again. I like this cos it acts like a broom and mop at the same time. But then as the days goes by, the velcro on the sides started to disappear. Not forgetting the refill microfibre is about Rm30. Not cheap.

And then I saw this that day. Scotch Brite's New Quick Sweeper!
Same thing, but:
1. Cheaper. I bought mine at Rm26.90 from carrefour.
2. Refill is Rm 12.90
3. Brighter Colour!
4. Just remove the cloth, wash and stick it back. No need to seal the sides and all.

You know why I am so damn excited about this? You know I don't have a maid and I need to do things FAST. With this, I can sweep and mop at the same time. There's another one with the wet tissue thinggy, but I dislike the after cleaning effect. I felt that its abit sticky. I prefer cleaning with water.

Okay, I added this cos few ppl asked me how to use this thinggy. You see the microfibre cloth (darker green) can be removed. And if you wanna use it wet, just run it under water and wring it like how you dry a towel. Then just stick it back to the sweeper's body (velcro) and you can wipe/mop the floor, wall, wherever you wanna wipe. Or if you wanna use it dry as a sweeper also can. But for me I use it wet cos it lifts the dirt and also mop at the same time. Since it's not so wet, there's no water mark/trail on my tiled floor.

Tell you a joke. I was at my SIL's place that day and her maid  told me "aiyoh got one new vacuum ah.. very good one! You use ah.. no need to sweep and mop. One time, the floor very clean already!" I said "wah so good? Show me!" And she pulled me to the clothes drying rack and showed me the mircofibre cloth. "This one lah!" hahahha I laughed, cos I thought she was talking about the vacuum cleaner I am longing to buy, Ergorapido from Electrolux. But this vacuum can't reach under my bed cos its kinda low and the vacuums head is kinda fat. So I think I'll settle for this Quick Sweeper for now, until I decided to buy lottery , strike it and then maybe I'll consider to buy. hehe

Monday, September 05, 2011


We're having dinner with my parents at this shop in Seapark and the the waitress that served us had only one eyes opened and the other one stitched up. ( Very obviously stitched up ) and I know that my kids surely will ask about it. So I asked her to come behind them to tell her our order but Jayden managed to see her before that and she whispered to me "tak apa kak. Biar dia tanya...". Jayden was very surprised and he pointed at her with the facial expression like as if he saw a ghost ( sorry, I know very rude but I don't know what other words can express his expression)


Me: Shhhhhhhhh don't point. Very rude to point at ppl like that.

JD: *stop pointing* MAMI!!!! WHY??? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER EYES??????

Me: aiyoh Jayden! *cover his mouth* shhhhhhhh don't ask so loud. Very rude.

JD: BUT! BUT! BUT WHY??? Where is one more eye? WHO SEW HER EYES?!!!

Me: *cover his mouth* shhhh Jayden . Don't ask so loud. Please! *whisper* If you want to ask, you can whisper to me after she leaves okay?

JD: *still in shocked* Why?Why like that??

Me: *after the waitress left* well.. maybe she was holding a fork and she fell down and the fork accidently poked her eyes?

JD: *Eyes opened BIG, in shock and puts down his fork*

Me: yeah...Or maybe a chopstick...Or she run around and then she fell hard on something sharp.. anything can happen wan.

JD: but why mami? why like that?

Me: cos.... when your eyes spoiled right.. cannot fix back wan. If you injured yr eyes, or poked it.. then you will be blind. and then since the eyes spoiled edi then need to remove the eyes and then removed edi then you will have a hole in your eyes. So how? Sew it back la

JD: *shocked*  BUT WHY??? WHY???

Then the waitress came to put our drinks down and she whisper again "tak apa kak... tak apa...* and smiled

JD: *Pointed again* MAMI! why her eyes like that!

Me: aiyohhh Jayden.. please lah. *held his hands and cover his mouth*

Waitress : tak apa kak. Biar dia tanya.

Me: Sorry.. sorry..

JD: *mumbles *

ME: Jayden. Stop this at once! I told you its very very rude.

JD: But Why! Why I cannot point?

Me: Because she will be very sad.

JD: Why? Why she will be sad?

Me: What if you fall down and then people point at you and ask Why that boy fall down? Why that boy got blood coming out from the leg? Why Why Why? Will you be sad?

JD: Yes.

Me: Then it's the same for the chehcheh. She lost her eyes edi. So she is sad. And then you point point and ask like that , you think she will be sad or not?

JD: Yes.

Me: so... next time if you see anyone got no eyes, or no leg, or no hand, you mustn't spoint and ask so loud. Wait for them to leave then you wan quietly ask me.

JD: okay...........

Then the waitress waked pass again

Me: *slap forehead* aiyoh  Jayden!!! enough already!

And then the waitress swapped area with her colleague and served the other side of the restaurant and my headache ended.

My god! Really paiseh with my Jayden that night. He was so shocked and couldn't accept my explanation at that point. But the funny thing is, you know that Jayden has very sepet eyes right? After that night his eyes are bigger, not naturally but I can see that he tried to opened them wider. Don't know why. hehe