Friday, July 29, 2011


There was this lady that is always at the playground with her grandson. I always wondered why is she the way she is, overprotective. She'll be hovering around the kid, "M... careful. M, don't run so fast. M, slowly. M, watch out. M ..*wipe sweat*, M, drink water. M..... M....M.....M......" she'll be running together with the active kid all over the playground.

So it's been like near to 3 years I have been staying at this taman. But I seldom go to the park cos I'm alone with 2 kids and I think with the crime rate now, it's pretty dangerous to go to the park if there's not many ppl around. And if I'm there I'll be like a hawk , guarding my kid from nearby and I'll stare the hell out of anyone who would bully my kid.

So anyway, one fine day we're sitting on the swing and suddenly she said to me "You know, why I am so protective over M?" Wuah.. I thought "eh this woman can read my freaking mind wan leh!". Then she told me about how she used to guard the kid from nearby and she'll chat with the other moms and grandmas. Then one day, her grandkid suddenly just stood there and cried out loud. He kept saying his bum is painful. And when she checked his bum, it was burning red like as if someone placed a burning iron rod on his bum, one straight line. She then asked M to come and showed me the scar. Its was very clear and it was huge. That happened 2 years ago and the scar is still very visible.Imagine he was only 3 then. She  then asked the ppl arond what happened and no one know what happened. In fact whoever who was at the playground was all the ppl she knows. So they rushed the kid to emergency ward and the doctor came and asked M's mum who took care of M while this happened." Is it the maid?" And when they said it was the grandma the doctor said "okay, I don't want to ask anymore questions". Until now, no one know what happened. Of course she got blamed for what had happened and she is now so worried that something happened to the kid again while in her care.

Poor woman, she is helping her daughter to take care of the kid and the responsibility to take care of a kid is really huge, just imagine the stress. I must say, I felt sorry for her and also mad at myself for judging her for being overprotective without knowing the history. So when you're pissed at someone for being overprotective, maybe... just maybe they have a history that made them that way. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bring the Ipad

We went holidaying few days ago in Melaka and the resort didn't have any internet connection for him to view his youtube videos.So automatically he didn't ask for the ipad but as soon as we got home..

Justin: Mami. Bring the ipad. I need to check the thomas video. Now got internet edi.

Me: Fuiyoh, internet also you know ah?

Justin: Yeah. Need internet to see my favourite thomas video wan.

Me: so *poke poke* what is internet jek?

Justin: Internet is.... INTERNET lah!

Me: :|

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


First I lost my mojo to sew.

Then I lost my mojo to design.

And now I lost my mojo to blog.

I even lost my mojo to post in fb.

Vad's happening?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Speak Mandarin

Jayden: Mami, who coloured this toby face with brown colour?
Me: Ni yau wen wo tung shi, ni jiou chiang hwa yi la (你要问我东西,你就讲华语啦-if you wanna ask me anything then you need to use mandarin to ask me) [fuiyoh... like real. actually the mother dunno how to speak mandarin. Saja bantai only]
Jayden: *think think*. Mami, WHO 颜色 (colour) Toby?
Me: :S hehe wo pu chi tau wor... (我不知道噢)

It's so funny cos he direct translate the colour with colour pencil and he doesn't know how to say WHO in mandarin and he mixed both the english and chinese together. Funny, but at least he tried. And soon he will be the one laughing at me cos he is going to chinese school.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


We're supposed to have a reno in our house. Supposed to do it like months ago. But got delayed because of so many issues. And the recent one seems so real, like IT IS GOING to happen. But it never did.

My contractor was supposed to work for me. But my neighbour's neighbour had been using my contractor at her house before he come over to work at mine. So one day, add one window. Then see, see, why not add another window. Then see samo, paint this wall. See samo, why not paint this wall also. Then see samo, why not we make a balcony like hers. Add ha.. Add ha.. it's like one freaking month and the fler is still adding more things. I got pissed and started to rant at my immediate neighbour about it. I said "i felt like going to him and tell him U slowly add la.. whole year add also nehmind. I find another guy to do my house". My neighbour, I think she felt sorry cos she was the one that passed my contractor's number to the other neighbour. So she quickly went and told the contractor about it. And then, the contractor told my husband that he's done with my neighbour and can start reno-ing our house the next day. But looking at the condition of my neighbour's house, we know it's not 100% done yet.

He came and measure and "YA, YA, YA, BOLEH" and I told him. YOU MUST finish this reno before chinese 7th month. And his eyes went big. I said "if you don't have confidence that you cannot finish on time, then postpone". But then I guess he wanted to secure the deal so he said "BOLEH".

So my hub and I quickly move the pots and pans into the living hall. Oh by the way, we're shifting the toilet which is located smack right in the middle of the house to the back corner to make way for a bigger dry kitchen. My hub moved the dining table to the side, all chairs up. Things all moved everywhere. I haven't been cleaning much cos what is the point right? Cos when u reno, one part of the house the entire house gets dirty. So clutter everywhere, dust.. Argh!

And then the day came and he sms "kereta rosak. Esok baru datang". NiaTooT ah!.
2nd day, Kereta rosak again.
I told my hub you go and tell him, takpe. Hari hari rosak pun tak apa. Tak Payah Buat.
But of course my hub didn't say like that. He samo say, "tak apa la..buat lain hari la. Lepas Hari raya".  I am surprised he didn't wished him Selamat Hari Raya also. :|

And u know what? right after my hub left my house, my neigbhbour called and told me that the contractor is at my neighbour's neighbour house. Probably collecting money. Oh.. kereta sudah baik kah? I never bother to ask. I just smsed my hub about it.

Then my neighbour went to "investigate". Chewah.. so professional! and found out that he is not done there. Still got more to do. But since my neighbour didn't pay him full, he also stopped his work. You wait for me, I wait for you. And then I wait for them. Sien or not?

And now the pots and pans are still in the living hall. The dining table is still at the wall with tones of stuff on it. Chairs stacked upside down. To clean or not to clean?  The house is damn cluttered with things all over. I'm not a very "neat" person but then looking at the condition of the house, my brain gets cluttered. I come home (well, I am always home, right?) I see my house.. wah sien.... so sien.... Lepas hari raya wor.. Selamat Hari raya lor! Toot!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stick Bum Bum : Part 3

overheard their conversation..

Jayden: neh.. you see. The red ball wanna stick bum bum with the girlfriend
Justin: he he he YES......
Jayden: But then the black ball don't allow the red ball to stick bum bum
Justin: he he Yes...
Jayden: Then the black ball BOINK the red ball and catch the girlfriend and run away
Justin: Yes....
Jayden: and then the red ball wake up and cannot find the girlfriend anymore
Justin: yes....
Me: eh.. what are you all watching ah?
Jayden: ah.. nothing nothing... *shy and run away*
Justin: hehe *run away*

What were they talking about??

the Trailer for the game Red Ball on Ipad. hehe

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


on the bed at night...

Me: Jayden.. you're big boy edi. 5 years old edi.. it's time to move to your own bedroom you know.

JD: No! I am 4 years old only. I don't want to grow up.

Me: well.. this year you are 5 years old, then next year you will be 6. What cake do you want for your birthday?

JD: Thomas Cake (aiyoh same request since 2 years old!) But still, I don't want to be 6 years old. I want to be small forever.

Me: Cannot.. even if you don't want to grow up, you will sure grow up wan. Now you are 5, then slowly 6, then slowly 7. That time you need to change school edi. Then everyday I will give you 1 ringgit fifty cents or maybe 2 ringgit. That time you need to learn how to buy noodles, rice, or maybe ice cream or sweets la..

JD: *licking lips*.. buy sweets and ice cream ah?

Me: yeah but not everyday la.ok?

JD: okay. only when I am not coughing, okay?

Me: yes... then slowly you become bigger and bigger then can start to go to work. Wear nice shirt, nice pants then go to work. That time you earn your own money and you can give me back some money.

JD: * confused face* why give you money wan? Are you a beggar?

Me: UIK???!!! why you say I am a beggar?

JD: because you ask money from me ma...

Me: eh..... now you are small I give you money. Then when I am old, I cannot work edi ma.. so its your turn to give me back money la. if you don't give me money then who?

JD: Dadi lor..

Me: then when I am old, dadi also old. Dadi also cannot work edi. Then who will give him money leh?

JD: err Me?

Me: Yeah... Remember ah.... when you work you need to give us some money back. Now I hold your hand, when I am old you hold back my hand okay? Now I help you to do things, when I am old you also do back the same okay?

JD: mmmmmmmmmmm okay. I don't want to grow up edi.

Me: :S

Friday, July 08, 2011

Stick Bum Bum : Part 2

JD: mami.. i love you

Me: Baby I love you too *kiss kiss*

JD: can we stick bum bum?

Me: Choi! we cannot stick bum bum wan!

JD: why?

Me: cos i am your mother and you are my son ma. I can only stick bum bum with yr dadi and you can only stick bum bum with your wife.

JD: oh....where to find wife wan?

Me: well.... you need to go to school. That's why I wake u up every morning la. Brush teeth, wear clothes and then go and do your school work. Then you must do your homework. Slowly you become bigger and bigger then you can go to work. Then one day you will meet a girl..

JD: and can stick bum bum edi ?

Me: Noooooooooooooooooo.. NOT YET....and you will keep looking at her and your heart will BOK BOK, BOk Bok, like that. And you will think of her when you eat, you sleep and all the time. Then you will go and talk to her, then slowly ask her to go and eat rice together, watch movie in cinema then you can ask her 'can you be my girlfriend?' and if she say "okay" then u can hold her hands lor. Can kiss la.

JD: Can stick bum bum edi?

Me: Aiyoh.. not yet.. not yet...

JD: then when can stick bum bum?

Me: you forgot? Need to Yum Seng 3 times first wan.

JD: Oh..

ME: but then to yum seng, you need to find money first. Have enough money edi, then you buy house, buy car, then you bring everyone to the hotel and Yum Seng loud loud la. 

JD: then can stick bum bum edi?

Me: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...then u bring her home and stick bum bum la.

JD: oh...

Me: then you stick ha.. stick ha.. then she pregnant edi leh.. got baby edi.. then you become father edi. And dadi will become Grandfather.

JD: NO! cannot be grandfather.

Me: have to ma. That time old edi, and you have baby edi, then he will be grandfather and I wil be grandmother

JD: NO!! cannot be grandfather and grandmother!

Me: Why ah? (but i know why, cos he thought that when you become grandfather and old, sure die edi and he don't want us to die)

JD: Because I don't want you to be old. I don't want to grow up edi!

Me: ai....sooner or later also you will become big wan. Don't worry okay? So now, you just to go school and do your homework properly okay ?

JD: okay....

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stick Bum Bum : Part 1

We were at Cherating waiting to go on the boat to see the fireflies. So the man kept telling everyone about why the fireflies have the light,  for mating purpose. The males will have short and fast blinks while the females have long and slow blinks. And after they mate, the male will drop on the floor and die immediately and the females will go and lay some eggs and also will die. So, Jayden was looking kinda lost when the man said "MATE" as per the picture :S

So I gotto explain in my own term...

Me: ah you hear the uncle say that the boys will have fast and short blinks. And the girls have long and slow blinks. So then they blink ha.. blink ha.. then the boy say "ah I like that "blink"" So he fly over and he look look at the girl and the girl look back at him.  If the girl also like him then she also blink ha... blink ha like that la.

Jayden: And then ? after blink leh?

Me: then blink ha... blink ha.. they like each other then they go stick the bum bum together la.

JD: why they have to stick the bum bum together wan?

Me: because they wanna make baby ma. So stick the bum together for a while, then after the mummy pregnant edi, then the daddy will fall to the ground and die.

JD: DIE???

Me: yeah.. will die wan.

JD: then the mummy leh?

Me: after that she fly back to her house, lay some eggs on the ground and then she also die la.


Me: yeah, she will die after she lay some eggs.

JD: BUT I don't want the MUMMY to die!MUMMY Cannot die wan!

Me: but then fireflies it's like that lor. Stick bum bum edi, pregnant edi, then die la. After that the eggs will have tiny fireflies coming out, you see become larvae ah, pupa ah.. then become adult fireflies and then they also blink ha..blink ha like that and then got new girlfriend and boyfriend lo.

JD: hmmmmm okay.

Few days later ...

JD: mami.. so last time you and dadi Yum Seng 3 times and then you stick bum bum and I come out already ?
Me: *Fuh! terkejut cos caught me off guard* errr yeah we yum seng 3 times, then we stick la the bum bum for quite long lah.. stick for 2 years then only only u came out.
 JD: hehe okay...

The Magic Word, according to them

Justin: Mami I want to bath!
Me: What must you say ? What is the Magic Word?
Justin: BATH?!
Me: No... you must say ...
Jayden: *elbow titi and whisper* you say sorry . You must say sorry wan.
Justin: Sorry mami. I want to bath!
Me: Oi! not sorry la. Sorry is when you did something wrong. Not when you ask for a favour. You must say.. pl.........
Jayden: pl...........sorry?
Me: No! hahahah Say Plllllllllease lah!
Justin: Sorry , Please mami, I want to bath!
Me: hahaha Aiyoh u two make me pengsan la. Come la let's bath!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

DIY/M: handphone-bag-while-charging

My new hobby is browsing Pinterest. I sit down, drink my coffee and browse and browse and browse samo.. (okay cut short!) and then I like, I re-pin, I like, I re-pin the things that I like. One of the thing that I saw was this thinggy that you put on yr plug while you charge your handphone so that it's neater and easier to find your phone. So since I bought some printed felt, I thought why not sew it and it only took me 5 mins (with sewing machine) to do this.
Nice hor?
Sigh... this website is seriously addictive. I have so many things-to-do in my head before I browse and after I browse, I have MORE things-to-do. sigh.......*click X and return to pinterest*