Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Try Luck

Continued from here. The next day, I asked the kids to clean the play room before going to bed. Again, of course he dili-dalied, walked here and there while Jayden was cleaning the room like speedy gonzales. He is like the sweetest brother, kept cleaning and saying..

Jayden: Justin ah.. this one is your toy. This one also (while picking up the toys)
Me: Whatever Justin play with just now. You leave it. Let him do it himself.
Jayden: Okay mami.
Me: whoever never clean up room, no need to drink "celebration time" (milk for justin and milo for jayden)
Jayden: I'm done!
Me: Okay. *head down to make Milo for jayden*
Justin: please mami. I also want celebration time.
Me: Can. After you clean up the room
Justin: No. I don't want to clean up. I want celebration time now! uwaaa
Me: Nope. I told you. If you never clean up, then no nen nen for you. If you want, then you go and clean yr room first.
Justin: No. I don't want. I ask dadi to make celebration time for me. *runs upstairs*
Me: *pass Milo to jayden* *whisper* go drink in front of Justin..
Justin: dadi.....please make nen nen for me. uwaaa uwaaa
Dadi: Stop it.
Justin: UWaaaaa Uwaaa
Dadi: cry louder la.
Justin: Pleasee mami.
Me: I told you. If you never clean the toys. Then NO NEN NEN for you.
Justin: uwaaaa uwaaaa uwaaaaa *start kicking and throwing tantrum*
Me: *off light* everyone go to sleep now.
Justin: * toss and turn then walked out of the room and head over to play room and keep toys came back* mami.. i clean my toys ohdi.
Me: Good. Now ask dadi to go make celebration time for you.

Like i said it.. he was trying his luck. He knows whenever I said no, he can go and ask his dad to help him. His dad used to help him until I warned him and told him in order to discipline the kids, we need to speak the same language. If I were to say No, then he should also say No. If he disagree, then do not say it in front of the kid but to discuss with me later otherwise the kid will have mixed-up signals on the rules of the house. But it ain't easy and it will take some me. I have been doing this for a long time with Jayden. But Jayden is "easier" compared to Justin, for now. *fingers crossed*

Monday, April 25, 2011

Battle of the Monster Mum: Game On

It's not easy.
Especially if you have a kid like Justin Chan.
Let me tell you why....

Flashback to the time when I was reorganizing the kids play room. Jayden was very helpful cleaning the playroom. The small one however was not so cooperative. When I asked him to help, he'd walk away.. pretending to hold something to clean up. But instead he'll walk out of the room and then never come back until I called him back into the room.

Me: Boys, if you don't clean this room, then No lunch ah..
Jayden: if clean then lunch eat what?
Me: Mcdonalds. But then if you never help then no food at all.
Jayden: no food ah? Justin faster help to clean the room
Justin: I want to eat Mcdonald.
Jayden: Then you faster help and clean room la.
Justin: *clean clean and then slowly walk out of the room*
Jayden: mami! You see Justin! He is not helping!
Justin: *walk back into the room and pretend to hold something.. and walk out of the room again*

So I thought, okay fine. Maybe he is too young to help out. Probably got "attention" problem. So Jayden and I cleaned the room and then we went to Ikano for Mcd lunch and also to Ikea to buy some racks for the playroom. At night before we sleep

Justin: mami.. you say clean the room then only can eat Mcdonald.
Me: yeah..why?
Justin: but i never help you to clean.
Me: yeah..
Justin: But you bring me go eat mcdonald. I win.
Me: O.o You win?
Justin: yes. I win. You say clean room then eat mcdonald. I never clean room. I also eat mcdonald. I win ohdi.
Me: O.O

So yeah. I felt like a big sucker cos I have been fooled by a 2.5yr old boy and like he said, HE WON. Although I know all the while that he doesn't think like his age, I never expected him to know how to think this way. So that night, I thought really hard and decided- game on buddy. I cannot let him win and stand on my head.

to be continued...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

too OLD...

My Mushroom boy is exactly 2 years, 7 months, 10 days old now. I don't know whether he is in terrible 2 or terrifying 3. What I know is.. when he wakes up in the morning and he walks towards me with his pillow in his arms.. he looks like an angel. Once he is fully awake, my legs trembles.

After the Hernia ops, potty training became haywire. He used to go to the adult toilet for his big biz and will go to the toilet to pee by himself. After the ops, he would hide at one corner and shit in his diaper, or hide at the staircase, or under the table. *sigh*

When you ask him to help you with something, he'd say "no. I am too small".

So fine.. that day he said he wanna play with the ipad.

Justin: mami. I want to play ipad.

Me: cannot. You are too small to play ipad.

Justin: No. I am not too small. I am just right.

Me: No.. u always say that you are too small for everything. So you are too small to play ipad.

Justin.....Hmphh.....*angry and went to the staircase and look down*

Me: *whisper to neighbour * he is at the staircase looking at us wanna hear what we say

Justin: I am TOO SMALL to play IPAD. You all too OLD, also cannot play IPAD AH!

Me: O.o I am busy la. No time to play Ipad. But still, you cannot play with the ipad.

Justin: *angry and went upstairs*

You see la. The thing that I gotto get through everyday. When is Angelic 4 coming ah? Got such thing ah? I don't know. Jayden totally changed into an angel after he reached 4. I just hope that this mushroom boy will be one too.

I asked him to put on a diaper when we're about to go out. He came down looking like this.
At least he tried :P


Few nights ago, I asked Jayden to help me to bring the clothes up to his room.

Jayden: why? why I need to do so many things?
Me: because i am doing everything in this house alone. I cook, I clean, I wash clothes, Fold clothes, Wash this wash that, arrange, clean, arrange, clean. And all you all do is mess, I clean. Then you mess then I clean. If you don't help me, who else is going to help me? Once day I am going to die cleaning this house.
Jayden: mami.. don't worry. I will help you. *picked up folded shirt and went up to his room*
Justin: mami.. i also helping you. * picked one underwear and ran up*

Up and down they ran and they "helped" me to bring up all the folded clothes.
And I stood there, looking at them doing that.
I just wanna cry.
Cos I was touched.
Cos at least a 5 yr old and 2.5 yr old kid can see that I am sad and exhausted and tried to "help" me.

You noticed the word "HELP"?. Yeah, if you do anything in this house, it's called "HELP" cos its not their house. It's my house.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Choose one.

Nearly every morning I deal with the same thing.

Jayden refused to wake up and go to school.

Without fail he'd say:

I don't want to go to school.
My head is tired.
My head is heavy.
My hand is tired, cannot brush teeth.
I don't like to wear my school uniform.
I don't want to wear socks.
I don't want to wear my sch shoes.

And yet, he still goes to school. And he enjoy it to the max, cos I can see him laughing and smiling with his fellow friends.

So this morning, again he did it.

I got pissed and told him:

Me: if you don't want to go to school. Then I'll go. You stay at home and be mami
Jayden: Okay. I will be mami
Me: Okay fine. I will wear yr shirt and go to school and sit at the table and chair.
Jayden: okay!
Me: then you must cook. Must have soup okay when I come back. Then you also need to clean the house. Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop the house. Then you got to clean the toys and put everything back on the shelf.
Jayden: ...
Me: Then you also need to take care of titi. Make sure he drinks his water. Then when he shit, you wash his bum for him.
Jayden: ....Dadi will do that
Dadi: No. I need to go to work.
Me: So how? Want to go to school, stay at home or go to work? Choose one.
Jayden: .....*Slowly walk to the toilet and brush teeth*

P/s: luckily he didn't choose to be titi. All he does everyday is just mess the house, argue with everyone and still get sayang-ed by everyone :P

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Reorganizing the house

This mom been sharing alot of organizing ideas lately and got me thinking about how to redo my house so that its easier to organize and clean up SUPER FAST since I am the official maid in this house.

I thought I should "invade" my house room by room. First room was the kids room. I was so busy before the cleaning session, the room became so messy (thanks to Mr. Justin Chan). Jayden refused to even step into the room. That room looked THAT SCARRY, okay.

So that day I just suddenly decided , today will be the day I clean this room up. And I did. I told the kids to help out but only Jayden did. The small one pretended to help and went missing after 1-2 minutes of helping.

After clearing up the KEEP, DONATE, HANDS DOWN and THROW toys, we went to Ikea. I wanted to get this
This combination is Rm333. But too lil storage place for the toys.
And this is 700 plus. I don't want to change a husband yet. So no, can't buy this.

So after a lot of calculation at Ikea with my handphone, I end up buying GORM storage. What is so weird about this is.. I gotto buy the package at 99 bucks and saw it into half to get my ideal storage. If i were to buy the separate woods and assemble them it will be about 200 plus not including the boxes.

So alone with 2 kids, I bought the very big box of GORM shelf and head home, saw it into half with my old saw and assembled it. Tadaaa..
The 99bucks package is only for the middle and the far right shelf.
The next day I went and bought another few more shelves and added the left portion. Another round of sawing for me.

Tiring but satisfying. All for around rm 200.

Since I made the room up before his birthday, he said this was my birthday present for him and declared this is HIS room. Well, at least someone is happy and thanked me for it :)

Friday, April 01, 2011

Boys must be macho wan!

You know about the Enfagrow/Enfakid Learning tool that is on TV, making the kids drool over the toys and bugging the parents to buy enfa milk just to get the tool? Hehe... actually we have so much stock, we need not buy more. But because of the learning tool.. and after a few bugging session by the kids, the father obliged and bought for them.

Jayden said : I want the glass viewer because I will put the biscuit (haha i know.. i dunno why the butterfly likes to eat biscuit) and the butterfly will fly into this and I can see her.

Justin, however chose the binocular, which he calls RHINOCEROS cos the mother psycho-ed him to get that so he can use it longer.

So after we got it and went home, Jayden put it on his wrist and waited.

And Waited.

And waited.

He said "no butterfly wan" And removed it. And went to played with other things.

Oh course my son, its at night. In the house. Where to find butterfly leh?

So a week passed and the tools were left in the toybox, untouched.

Then few nights ago, I saw Jayden walking towards the kitchen, followed by Justin.

Then they started to scream and shout for me. 

As usual, I said "okay...don't fight. Don't fight. Come here" I was at the living hall folding clothes. I thought they were fighting over something. So its pretty normal for them to cry and call for me. :P

They didn't come but instead they were screaming louder, with Justin's high pitched shrieking voice.

So I went to check on them.

Jayden was standing in front, with one finger pointing at my direction, with his face looking very very scared.
Justin was holding Jayden's shoulder, hiding behind Jayden and screaming like a mad fler.
(noticed that Jayden was protecting his lil bro? Awww so sweet right? Okay back to story!)

I looked up and saw a HUGE dragonfly above me.

Aisay... of course the mom saved them. I caught the dragonfly with a pail and placed into the glass viewer for them to see.

Actually.. blardy hell. The dragonfly is REALLY HUGE. When I was catching it, I was scared myself too. But then.. for the sake of the kids gotto sacrifice lah (like real eh?)

So I caught it and gave it to the kids. They refused to hold the glass viewer. They said they are scared.

Alamak! Before this in the shop say wanna put biscuit la.. wanna catch butterfly la. Adoi! Now in the glass viewer also scared!

But then I forced my kids to hold the viewer and asked them to see the dragonfly. I said "No. Hold this. You're a boy! cannot be so scared wan!" haha gotto train them to be more macho and brave so when they are bigger they can protect me ma, right? And the dragonfly started to BANG the glass with its head. Scarry Crap! So after the kids counted how many legs and saw its eyes, I set it free. 

Next day, they got lucky again. While we're on our way to the playground, a huge grasshopper was resting on Big C's car. So I again, I did the dirty job and caught the huge grasshopper.
And passed it to the kids.

Yeap! I forced them to put on their hands and see the grasshopper. Siao right? But then naah.. I just wanna make my boys to be a bit brave. Afterall BOYS mah right? Must be macho wan!

So after that, I set the grasshopper off and we went to the playground. And its been a week now, and no new insect for me to catch. ( Thank god!) I guess the glass viewer is going back to the toybox, untouched again.

Happy Counting =)

Ah.... finally he got used to the schedule.

Come back from school.
Eat lunch.
Do homework.
Nap/play/watch tv= his pick.

So everyday I'll sit by his side and accompany him to do his homework. And I'll do my work at the same time.

His writing is improving everyday and he's getting faster. Sometimes when he is being dreamy, I'll use the timer and give him 10 mins for each homework.

So yesterday he said "Mami I finished!"

"Wow! That's pretty fast" I said.

He said "can you check for me?"

"Sure" I replied.

Wow! To be honest it's really nice.
The nicest ever. So neat and all the same, like photostat right?

And then he said "Mami.. can you help check if there are 19 balloons?

I rubbed my eyes for a moment and then burst out laughing.
I just wanna wish the teacher Happy Counting.