Monday, April 25, 2011

Battle of the Monster Mum: Game On

It's not easy.
Especially if you have a kid like Justin Chan.
Let me tell you why....

Flashback to the time when I was reorganizing the kids play room. Jayden was very helpful cleaning the playroom. The small one however was not so cooperative. When I asked him to help, he'd walk away.. pretending to hold something to clean up. But instead he'll walk out of the room and then never come back until I called him back into the room.

Me: Boys, if you don't clean this room, then No lunch ah..
Jayden: if clean then lunch eat what?
Me: Mcdonalds. But then if you never help then no food at all.
Jayden: no food ah? Justin faster help to clean the room
Justin: I want to eat Mcdonald.
Jayden: Then you faster help and clean room la.
Justin: *clean clean and then slowly walk out of the room*
Jayden: mami! You see Justin! He is not helping!
Justin: *walk back into the room and pretend to hold something.. and walk out of the room again*

So I thought, okay fine. Maybe he is too young to help out. Probably got "attention" problem. So Jayden and I cleaned the room and then we went to Ikano for Mcd lunch and also to Ikea to buy some racks for the playroom. At night before we sleep

Justin: mami.. you say clean the room then only can eat Mcdonald.
Me: yeah..why?
Justin: but i never help you to clean.
Me: yeah..
Justin: But you bring me go eat mcdonald. I win.
Me: O.o You win?
Justin: yes. I win. You say clean room then eat mcdonald. I never clean room. I also eat mcdonald. I win ohdi.
Me: O.O

So yeah. I felt like a big sucker cos I have been fooled by a 2.5yr old boy and like he said, HE WON. Although I know all the while that he doesn't think like his age, I never expected him to know how to think this way. So that night, I thought really hard and decided- game on buddy. I cannot let him win and stand on my head.

to be continued...


  1. He is really smart. I also think that you should do something, otherwise soon he manipulates you more. Good luck.

  2. mature thinking...yea!game on now mummy!best of luck!!

  3. Yea I wont let them win too. Battle btw mother and son is on!

  4. very clever boy la!! 2.5 yrs old can bully the mummy liao..

  5. hahhahhaahaha...this lil fella is too smart!

  6. My boy also named Jayden is 4 this year and also always want to win only. Justin, 2.5 only know how to win win already - very terror! Lots of mami luck in handling him!

  7. U think u r smarter?? think again, mummy! hehehee...

  8. WOw very smart boy!!!

  9. he he he, so cute and clever!

  10. I am speechless...he is smart hi hi

  11. cannot imagine what this mummy will be tricked into, another 10 yrs later, hehe....

  12. kids are all very smart nowadays...including toddlers. Never never under estimate them, you know.