Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Choose one.

Nearly every morning I deal with the same thing.

Jayden refused to wake up and go to school.

Without fail he'd say:

I don't want to go to school.
My head is tired.
My head is heavy.
My hand is tired, cannot brush teeth.
I don't like to wear my school uniform.
I don't want to wear socks.
I don't want to wear my sch shoes.

And yet, he still goes to school. And he enjoy it to the max, cos I can see him laughing and smiling with his fellow friends.

So this morning, again he did it.

I got pissed and told him:

Me: if you don't want to go to school. Then I'll go. You stay at home and be mami
Jayden: Okay. I will be mami
Me: Okay fine. I will wear yr shirt and go to school and sit at the table and chair.
Jayden: okay!
Me: then you must cook. Must have soup okay when I come back. Then you also need to clean the house. Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop the house. Then you got to clean the toys and put everything back on the shelf.
Jayden: ...
Me: Then you also need to take care of titi. Make sure he drinks his water. Then when he shit, you wash his bum for him.
Jayden: ....Dadi will do that
Dadi: No. I need to go to work.
Me: So how? Want to go to school, stay at home or go to work? Choose one.
Jayden: .....*Slowly walk to the toilet and brush teeth*

P/s: luckily he didn't choose to be titi. All he does everyday is just mess the house, argue with everyone and still get sayang-ed by everyone :P


  1. Big J just want to manja lah... more hugs and kisses should do the trick right?!

  2. wah.. u really got all these kiew.... play psychology..

  3. wise choice JD! he sleeps to late at night?

  4. Hi mommy,
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  5. It is just a stage, my girl was like that too when she was 4 years old, and now she is 5 years old, she doesn't whine so much already.

  6. okay will try this tactic on my youngest. Same drama every morning.

  7. haha..eh sama like mine last time lah. You know what I told him, u better stay at school lah, then u no need everyday say i don't want go school, cause oredi living in the school. Then come home 1 time a year. He got shocked there's such thing call boarding school LOL. Since then he tutup mulut edi

  8. heh, nice idea to scold when they dont wan to fo to school wor ... next time i try on Jeremy ... see which he choose ...:P

  9. What a nice conversation. And your kid made the right call! ;D

  10. HAHAHAHAA its just hillarious! even at their age they know that being in our shoes is at the losing end!! :p

    eh titi 100% ok already tak?

  11. He just want some attention and love. At least you know he enjoy his school!

  12. Sounds like a great tactic!