Wednesday, April 20, 2011

too OLD...

My Mushroom boy is exactly 2 years, 7 months, 10 days old now. I don't know whether he is in terrible 2 or terrifying 3. What I know is.. when he wakes up in the morning and he walks towards me with his pillow in his arms.. he looks like an angel. Once he is fully awake, my legs trembles.

After the Hernia ops, potty training became haywire. He used to go to the adult toilet for his big biz and will go to the toilet to pee by himself. After the ops, he would hide at one corner and shit in his diaper, or hide at the staircase, or under the table. *sigh*

When you ask him to help you with something, he'd say "no. I am too small".

So fine.. that day he said he wanna play with the ipad.

Justin: mami. I want to play ipad.

Me: cannot. You are too small to play ipad.

Justin: No. I am not too small. I am just right.

Me: No.. u always say that you are too small for everything. So you are too small to play ipad.

Justin.....Hmphh.....*angry and went to the staircase and look down*

Me: *whisper to neighbour * he is at the staircase looking at us wanna hear what we say

Justin: I am TOO SMALL to play IPAD. You all too OLD, also cannot play IPAD AH!

Me: O.o I am busy la. No time to play Ipad. But still, you cannot play with the ipad.

Justin: *angry and went upstairs*

You see la. The thing that I gotto get through everyday. When is Angelic 4 coming ah? Got such thing ah? I don't know. Jayden totally changed into an angel after he reached 4. I just hope that this mushroom boy will be one too.

I asked him to put on a diaper when we're about to go out. He came down looking like this.
At least he tried :P


  1. he is super duper cute...
    we must meet up again...

    ps: one thing i will always remember..he LOVES to play..

  2. Hehehe he's very clever to answer!!! Hugs from Aunty Twin.

  3. LOL... he's really adorable la!

  4. LOL.... he's so adorable la!

  5. That's a pretty good try with the diaper. Way to go mushroom boy!

  6. Hahaha. Totally adorable.

  7. hhahahhhahaa...he's just too cute!!

  8. he is soo to get angry?

  9. least he try.

  10. lol! Too old to use the IPad. He is so smart.

  11. he's so smart! nvm la, tahan! they say smart kids are notti ma..hahaha. anyway he looks too cute that will always make up for his nottiness :P

  12. scary right the way they talk at this age? sometimes i feel they are much more older than us(you know, like soul from previous life), with that kind of wisdom in their words, hehehe....

  13. Hahahha..he is very cute!

  14. you mean he put on the diaper himself? that's great... ya, at least he tried.

    Very cute look....