Friday, April 01, 2011

Boys must be macho wan!

You know about the Enfagrow/Enfakid Learning tool that is on TV, making the kids drool over the toys and bugging the parents to buy enfa milk just to get the tool? Hehe... actually we have so much stock, we need not buy more. But because of the learning tool.. and after a few bugging session by the kids, the father obliged and bought for them.

Jayden said : I want the glass viewer because I will put the biscuit (haha i know.. i dunno why the butterfly likes to eat biscuit) and the butterfly will fly into this and I can see her.

Justin, however chose the binocular, which he calls RHINOCEROS cos the mother psycho-ed him to get that so he can use it longer.

So after we got it and went home, Jayden put it on his wrist and waited.

And Waited.

And waited.

He said "no butterfly wan" And removed it. And went to played with other things.

Oh course my son, its at night. In the house. Where to find butterfly leh?

So a week passed and the tools were left in the toybox, untouched.

Then few nights ago, I saw Jayden walking towards the kitchen, followed by Justin.

Then they started to scream and shout for me. 

As usual, I said "okay...don't fight. Don't fight. Come here" I was at the living hall folding clothes. I thought they were fighting over something. So its pretty normal for them to cry and call for me. :P

They didn't come but instead they were screaming louder, with Justin's high pitched shrieking voice.

So I went to check on them.

Jayden was standing in front, with one finger pointing at my direction, with his face looking very very scared.
Justin was holding Jayden's shoulder, hiding behind Jayden and screaming like a mad fler.
(noticed that Jayden was protecting his lil bro? Awww so sweet right? Okay back to story!)

I looked up and saw a HUGE dragonfly above me.

Aisay... of course the mom saved them. I caught the dragonfly with a pail and placed into the glass viewer for them to see.

Actually.. blardy hell. The dragonfly is REALLY HUGE. When I was catching it, I was scared myself too. But then.. for the sake of the kids gotto sacrifice lah (like real eh?)

So I caught it and gave it to the kids. They refused to hold the glass viewer. They said they are scared.

Alamak! Before this in the shop say wanna put biscuit la.. wanna catch butterfly la. Adoi! Now in the glass viewer also scared!

But then I forced my kids to hold the viewer and asked them to see the dragonfly. I said "No. Hold this. You're a boy! cannot be so scared wan!" haha gotto train them to be more macho and brave so when they are bigger they can protect me ma, right? And the dragonfly started to BANG the glass with its head. Scarry Crap! So after the kids counted how many legs and saw its eyes, I set it free. 

Next day, they got lucky again. While we're on our way to the playground, a huge grasshopper was resting on Big C's car. So I again, I did the dirty job and caught the huge grasshopper.
And passed it to the kids.

Yeap! I forced them to put on their hands and see the grasshopper. Siao right? But then naah.. I just wanna make my boys to be a bit brave. Afterall BOYS mah right? Must be macho wan!

So after that, I set the grasshopper off and we went to the playground. And its been a week now, and no new insect for me to catch. ( Thank god!) I guess the glass viewer is going back to the toybox, untouched again.


  1. Sasha, they can learn some "science" when you get them those dragonfly and grasshopper! Nowadays, kids don't get the chance to see them!

    Now both little J are more macho!:D

  2. hahaha.... I can imagine the screaming from both Js...

    You catch some more bugs to show them mah.. its a good science tool..

  3. you so brave leh, teach me how to catch just incase next time Jasper bising..hahaha! did u touch with ur hand?><" anyway, that gadget quite cool leh, really like science class!

  4. JD is such a sweet kor-kor.
    wah the grasshopper is so huge .. i'm scared man. :P

  5. Very brave mama.. i will not dare hold it!

  6. Looks like mummy more macho, what's next...a cockroach?

  7. I also bought milk because of those toys hehehe. My daughter has the binocular, the tweezer and scoop set and also the container thingy (sorry la don't know the names). She played with the tweezer for a while picking up dead ants/insects on the floor and that was it.

    I probably should also get this one. Should go tomorrow and see whether they still have stock :-). BUt I am definitely not as brave as you. I don't dare to catch dragonfly or grasshopper.

  8. I would have fainted before the kids!!!
    P/S: good job on re-organising!

  9. Creative way to educate the kids :P