Sunday, April 03, 2011

Reorganizing the house

This mom been sharing alot of organizing ideas lately and got me thinking about how to redo my house so that its easier to organize and clean up SUPER FAST since I am the official maid in this house.

I thought I should "invade" my house room by room. First room was the kids room. I was so busy before the cleaning session, the room became so messy (thanks to Mr. Justin Chan). Jayden refused to even step into the room. That room looked THAT SCARRY, okay.

So that day I just suddenly decided , today will be the day I clean this room up. And I did. I told the kids to help out but only Jayden did. The small one pretended to help and went missing after 1-2 minutes of helping.

After clearing up the KEEP, DONATE, HANDS DOWN and THROW toys, we went to Ikea. I wanted to get this
This combination is Rm333. But too lil storage place for the toys.
And this is 700 plus. I don't want to change a husband yet. So no, can't buy this.

So after a lot of calculation at Ikea with my handphone, I end up buying GORM storage. What is so weird about this is.. I gotto buy the package at 99 bucks and saw it into half to get my ideal storage. If i were to buy the separate woods and assemble them it will be about 200 plus not including the boxes.

So alone with 2 kids, I bought the very big box of GORM shelf and head home, saw it into half with my old saw and assembled it. Tadaaa..
The 99bucks package is only for the middle and the far right shelf.
The next day I went and bought another few more shelves and added the left portion. Another round of sawing for me.

Tiring but satisfying. All for around rm 200.

Since I made the room up before his birthday, he said this was my birthday present for him and declared this is HIS room. Well, at least someone is happy and thanked me for it :)


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM is very cantik! JD is very very lucky boy to have such a kan-lek mom, who saws!!! :D

  2. dear,
    another nice work, you can post yours onto the ikeahack website liao lo...

    isn't it nice to organize, haha!! in fact, i read the same blog too... and started organizing my kitchen area...
    the easy tips is a lot of nice baskets... :)
    bought it from daiso... kekeke...

  3. Love your creativity to the max. If for me, I would not have thought of sawing and assembling things like that. It looks great and doesn't look RM200 at all!

  4. Wow, this is great! You are such a Hanny Sasha...hahahhhahahaahaa

    psst...can you come to my house and do one please?

  5. how nice if Ipoh has ikea.. then i can save a lot of space in my house.. and i dont have to throw away so much toys! :p i can keep them for my cucu nanti..

  6. Looks awesome Sasha!!!

  7. wah, you memang pandai lar. can saw it yourself some more. Totally salute you!

  8. pengsan
    You can even Saw?
    Is there anything you can't do?

  9. good job super mama! You should post a before and after photo for more effect :P

  10. WOW WOW WOW. I was at Ikea yesterday and was telling hubb that i need to do something with the kids toys storage. But count'll come up t RM 600 liddat for wat i wait first. For RM200+, what u did is awesome!

  11. Very very nice, neat and spacy. Very special present that you gave to your son, i am sure he appreciated it.

  12. really nice wor.... !! Still can saw into half, GENG!!!!

  13. wah u can saw! very good!!

  14. wah liao eh, sawing somemore O.o. Haiya, should have told me earlier, I'm planning to sell off mine which has a combo of what you wanted since you know I'll be ahemm....lemme know if you want more, but won't be available so soon ya

  15. u are so incredible! that pull out bins shelf menang si beh pricey. we ended up buying the square shelf where it can fix in a bin.

  16. you know how to saw!!!!!!! keng ler

  17. Well done Sasha....nice...
    also belated birthday to your hero...