Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Try Luck

Continued from here. The next day, I asked the kids to clean the play room before going to bed. Again, of course he dili-dalied, walked here and there while Jayden was cleaning the room like speedy gonzales. He is like the sweetest brother, kept cleaning and saying..

Jayden: Justin ah.. this one is your toy. This one also (while picking up the toys)
Me: Whatever Justin play with just now. You leave it. Let him do it himself.
Jayden: Okay mami.
Me: whoever never clean up room, no need to drink "celebration time" (milk for justin and milo for jayden)
Jayden: I'm done!
Me: Okay. *head down to make Milo for jayden*
Justin: please mami. I also want celebration time.
Me: Can. After you clean up the room
Justin: No. I don't want to clean up. I want celebration time now! uwaaa
Me: Nope. I told you. If you never clean up, then no nen nen for you. If you want, then you go and clean yr room first.
Justin: No. I don't want. I ask dadi to make celebration time for me. *runs upstairs*
Me: *pass Milo to jayden* *whisper* go drink in front of Justin..
Justin: dadi.....please make nen nen for me. uwaaa uwaaa
Dadi: Stop it.
Justin: UWaaaaa Uwaaa
Dadi: cry louder la.
Justin: Pleasee mami.
Me: I told you. If you never clean the toys. Then NO NEN NEN for you.
Justin: uwaaaa uwaaaa uwaaaaa *start kicking and throwing tantrum*
Me: *off light* everyone go to sleep now.
Justin: * toss and turn then walked out of the room and head over to play room and keep toys came back* mami.. i clean my toys ohdi.
Me: Good. Now ask dadi to go make celebration time for you.

Like i said it.. he was trying his luck. He knows whenever I said no, he can go and ask his dad to help him. His dad used to help him until I warned him and told him in order to discipline the kids, we need to speak the same language. If I were to say No, then he should also say No. If he disagree, then do not say it in front of the kid but to discuss with me later otherwise the kid will have mixed-up signals on the rules of the house. But it ain't easy and it will take some me. I have been doing this for a long time with Jayden. But Jayden is "easier" compared to Justin, for now. *fingers crossed*


  1. Can kah,, papa and mama speak the same language? hard lah, cos we got favouritism one ma....

  2. I like the stern and firm in you. He will improve from here.

  3. Wahkakakka!
    Justin very geng!!!
    I think my #2 also like Justin even at such young age! She knows how to bully the kor-kor!

  4. I agree....both parents must speak same language in front of kids...
    any differences...discuss behind kids....

  5. You are SO right about spouses speaking the same language to kids. If not, kids get manipulative and parents get into major arguments and all hell breaks loose! Good on you!

  6. Looks like mummy-1, Justin-1.
    And totally agree with you about speaking the same language. But sometimes one had to be the balance when the other gets too angry.

  7. You are totally right but is not easy to always have our hubbies to speak the same language as I find that normally men can't tahan when children cry or throw tantrum and they will just give up and surrendered whatever the kids asked provided it is not harmful to them.

  8. I totally agree with you. My daugter is also not easy, she gets spoilt at the babysitter and by the grandma. But at home she knows we mean business when we (both the papa and me) said no. Even that sometimes she will still try her luck so to speak... kids nowadays really susah man.

  9. kekekekeee so funny! justin is such a character!