Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Few nights ago, I asked Jayden to help me to bring the clothes up to his room.

Jayden: why? why I need to do so many things?
Me: because i am doing everything in this house alone. I cook, I clean, I wash clothes, Fold clothes, Wash this wash that, arrange, clean, arrange, clean. And all you all do is mess, I clean. Then you mess then I clean. If you don't help me, who else is going to help me? Once day I am going to die cleaning this house.
Jayden: mami.. don't worry. I will help you. *picked up folded shirt and went up to his room*
Justin: mami.. i also helping you. * picked one underwear and ran up*

Up and down they ran and they "helped" me to bring up all the folded clothes.
And I stood there, looking at them doing that.
I just wanna cry.
Cos I was touched.
Cos at least a 5 yr old and 2.5 yr old kid can see that I am sad and exhausted and tried to "help" me.

You noticed the word "HELP"?. Yeah, if you do anything in this house, it's called "HELP" cos its not their house. It's my house.


  1. Same here, just that my boy too young to 'help' me. All he did everyday is scattered all his toys on the floor. My hubby said it easier this way. At least he will find things he want to play with in a glance.


  2. the boys love doubt about it...

  3. so sweet of them, coz they can see you really sayang them! unlike husbands.....hahahahaha

  4. Sasha, at least they 'help'.
    Me? My 15months Carol plays 'throwing' toys all the time, and my hubby only know how to laugh (coz Carol 'learned' new skills by throwing). And mummy the maid picks up all the time.