Friday, April 30, 2010

Our New Family Potrait

Wanna see?

I draw new family potrait.

Come come...





Hehe the story is like this.......

One day, Dadi and I were spending some quite time alone on the bed, hugging each other *ahem.....don't think so far yet ok?* Then Jayden saw and he came running towards us and tried to break us apart. He said "Dadi is chocolate ice cream! Jayden is the strawberry! (indicating he needs to be on top of his dad and not me). So I said "NO! I am Vanilla Ice Cream. We're double scoop ice cream. We need to be together!" He got so jealous and say "Mami is Vanilla Ice cream and vanilla ice cream can put Raisin!" *pushing Justin towards me* .

So from that day onwards, we're a family of chocolate ice cream, vanilla Ice cream, Strawberry and Raisin. And nearly every night we will play this game, with hub below and squashed on top by me, and then Jayden and justin at the side. So since today I'm abit free from designing, I guess why not draw something for myself and also practise my illustration drawing abit. And here, presenting my ice cream family potrait. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Header: Montessorimum

I used to read Montessorimum when she was blogging under the name "clumsy wife, careless mom". And then she changed her nick to montessorimum. What a pleasant surprise when she emailed me and asked me to design a header for her blog. She said she wanted something similar that I have done before for shoppingmum. Wah.... when I heard she wanted a .gif header I got worried 'cos it involves alot of different layers and alot of plucking of different drawings from illustrator and sticking it into photoshop. But I agreed and I thought about it for days....putting ideas in the air and thinking what to do layers by layers. And yesterday, I just said "Okay, let's get to work!" And by end of the day I sent this to her....


She wrote back and said her kids love it. In fact my kids love to see the butterfly flying and they kept poking my mac screen! haha So yeap, another header being sold.

Montessorimum, thanks for the business and opportunity. I hope you like your new header!

Hop over to her blog to see the actual size. It look much better there :)

The Pipe Man

just now right..this malay guy came la...say wanna check my cooking pipe.

So as usual i said no need la.. then he said "YA A _ _ AH (we cannot say THE WORD!) Ini bukan panggil u tukar la, Mau CHECK SAJA LA!

So fine..since my part time maid is around and she is quite big size to topple him if he dare to attack us.. muahhaha So i let him check. so he checked left and right then he asked me to feel the pipe. True la.. its slightly broken. Then he took out some cut out from 1988 saying we cannot use this plastic pipe since 1988. Yada Yada Yada..

Then asked me to change 79.90 then i said Ok, will ask my hub to change. He tulan and asked me.. "where yr hub going to find? we MONOPOLY the mkt. Only We have".

I said nevermind, he make the decision.

So he belittle me, say i respect my hub dun respect myself wor, dun care about my own safety. Say he know I don't make any money.. and my husband doesn't care about me. I cook and if explode i die first. Keep stepping on me indicating i am stupid this and that.

I said money I have, but This kind of things I want him to be resp. I said give me yr namecard and wil call u if we need. he say no.. later u go complain say i make yr pipe spoil. He say u cannot find anywhere wan....and yr husband cannot find any information about our pipe.

I said "takpe eh... i carik kat internet. Mesti banyak information.Terima kasih yea....."

And locked my door.

everyday also check and check which one is the official one also we dunno.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why u so busy?

I know.... I know.. i never update my blog for sucha long time.

I know... i Know.. I never blog hop and leave comments. Sorry. No time.

I was busy.

With kids.

With kids.

With very active kids.

And also my own career.

What??? I have one? I thought I am a SILAI? Housewife?

Oh....yes......... I am a freelance designer and a Stay At Home mom which makes me a Work at Home mom. Sometimes a MAM (monster at home) or BAMH ( b**** at home).

So what was my latest project? It was a leftlet for an online shop called Modern Carino. Ling wrote to me once asking me to design her website but I no nothing about website designing. So I gotto let it go but she came back asking me to design her business leaflet. Ah.... just what I need to pick me up from being depressed and let me find back my skill!

After many rounds of emails and communicating via msn, finally.....

I love it. She love it. What else we need? right? Then she asked "Can you do my name card too?" Well of course maam!

So altogether she hired me to design a leaflet and also her name card (speaking of which,... i sendiri also no name card yet.muahahhaha) Becos of her generousity.. i gave her a pressie. A blinkie for her online site.


P/S: I must highlight that I didn't draw the mom and kid. It was a file provided by Ling from her previous designer. So don't go CHEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH other things in the leaflet also nice ma..right? right? hehe

Anyway, do visit the shop cos they are having sale right not for the cloth diaper and also pads!

Once again, Thanks Ling for the opportunity. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Self Reminder

Always make sure the washing machine / dryer door is closed.

You never know what can crawl inside it.
can be cat......the worst is they go in and poop inside...
or mouse.......
can be snake....ewwww
or just...

Was folding my laundry after i took it out from the dryer. Turned around and he's inside there edi. Super fast.

Reminder to myself: Always lock the door for safety reason. You never know when he's down there playing by himself.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Lie Mom.

It was last night that Jayden started crying cos his Thomas is broken. Many of you guys know, that his fav toy train is Thomas. He eat, shit, sleep and play with it. So he went berserk last night asking his handy manny mom to fix it IMMEDIATELY! I said nope, I'll fix it tomorrow cos I didn't sleep for 3 freaking nights before that. And I just wanted to piss him off cos I have been telling him to love his train more and not throw and torture them. Just look at Thomas coat of paint.

Pity the train and look at the broken wheels.

This morning, the first thing that he asked before going to school was his train of course. I was busy preparing his sch water tumbler and my own coffee..

Jayden : Mami Mami fix Thomas now
Me: errr i'll fix it later k?
Jayden" *sob* fix now....fix now...
Me: hmm but we ran out of glue. I'll go and buy later ok? * LYING*
Jayden: *walk off*

1 min later.

Jayden: What about this mum? It's SUPER GLUE. Can you read?

Me: .... errr yeah.
Jayden : its S-U-P-E--R Super G-L-U-E Glue.
Me: okay okay I get it. But now I gotto send you to school. We're late!
Jayden: Later you can use this SUPER GLUE to glue it back. Okay mami? Okay? Okay?
Me: Okay Okay..

So that's the story. The moral of the story is, don't try to fool them when they know how to read.

The end.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

*breath in.. Breath out*

" Mami Mami... ello (Justin's nickname) draw on my leg" Jayden said.

I turned around and I saw

I don't know how to react. My throat is already in pain for a week. Enough of screaming. Enough of crying I told myself.

I took a deep breath and walked into my room expecting the worst. Bedsheets, walls, pillows whatever is in the room.

Oh surprise surprise..

Only the legs got painted. Thank god there were diaper. If he painted his kkb I realy dunno how to scrub it since its like a worm size.

Bedsheet checked. Only part of it. See..... expect the worst and when it happened only a bit then not so disapppointed. haha..

So being a blogger:
Step 1: must take picture first
Step 2: Then only waive the "magic wand"
Step 3: Then only into the bathroom

I scrubbed Jayden and he said "mami mami OUCH! Painful!.

I said "oh... painful ah? Nevermind then i'll use the knife and cut of this skin here... and here.. and there and there? You want? *big smile*

"Errr no no I want you to scrub me" he said.

Can see that he is feeling very uncomfortable and tickish but heck. Let him learn his lesson for allowing his brother to use him as canvas. As i scrubbed his bum, he farted POOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

*sigh* right to my face. Nevermind, moms can take shit, fart and barf. No problem.

So it was the tiny one's turn. He said "Ah pain Pain. Mami Pain!"

I said "Serve you right. See next time if you wanna play with my marker and draw draw draw or not". He kept quite and looked into my eyes. Puppy look konon.

Now no2 is sleeping very soundly. Of course. One session of wand waving can make them sleep very very soundly.

Monday, April 12, 2010

i cannot talk.

Scenario one: Neighbour came over

Neighbour: Blablablablabla
Me: Yeah blablablabla
Jayden: mami Mami!! *stand in front of me and block my view* Excuse me
Me: Yes, what do you want?
Jayden :)
Me: blablablabla
Neighbour: Blablablabla
Jayden: Mami! Mami! *block view and use hands to cover my mouth*
Neighbour: Jayden, you cannot do this you know.. its very rude. Your mami want to talk.
Jayden: *ignored* mami! Mami! EXCUSE ME!
ME: YES!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT????????? TALK! Don't disturb me and Aunty Dorothy while we're talking okay?
Jayden: *nod nod*
Me: So what DO YOU WANT?
Jayden: *smile*
Me: Nothing? Then don't disturb. Blablablabla
Jayden: *exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* (with the wavy tone up and down)
Jayden: *SMILE*

Scenario two: I was talking to my husband about something which made me so upset last night
Me: blablablabla! Bla!
Husband: hmmmmm hmmmmm
Jayden: Mami mami mami mami mami mami... Mami mami mami excuse me mami. Excuseeeee me. Mami
Husband: You layan him abit la....
Me: YES.
Jayden: :)
Me: say, what u wanna say.
Jayden: :)
Me: blablablablabla
Jayden: mami mami mami mami mami mami *use hand to cover my mouth*
Me: EH! don't be rude ah!
Jayden: Mami Mami Mami Mami Excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jayden: :) *and walk off*

Scenario two:
Me: Blablablablablabla *talking on the phone*
Justin: mami... Uwaaaa.. mami. Uwa.... *climb on my body*
Me: *carry justin* blablablablabla
Justin: Mami.............Uwaaaaaaaaaaa.....Mami mami Mami...*use train to play on my mouth* mami mami!
Friend: I think you better go and layan your son.
Me: Okay bye. *click* what do you want Justin?
Justin: *kept quiet*

and this happen all the time.

Big one like that. Small one also like that. *sigh* and some ppl won't understand. How i wish I can scream "WHAT THE FARK do you want???!!!!!!!!!" But I cannot. I can just act like zombie and keep quiet.

I have already given up my job. Stay at home, cook, play, bath, sleep with them. Its still NOT enough. They don't even allow me to talk, to talk about my problems or anything at all. I cannot give up talking and entertain them all the time cos if I do that, then what about the future. I can't even talk to anyone. Better ask me to dig a hole and go bury myself.

what to do? how to fix it? Just ignore and let them get used to it. Then they cry.........cry............. for no reason.

Wanna carry all the time.

NO........Not going to happen to me. Today I carry, tomorrow he wanna carry again. Then again again again then i ORSI (shit) also cannot orsi in peace.

So yeah. I'm not a good mom. I let my kids cry.

So there. Since i cannot TALK, then i write.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Wanted to take a pic of the sling I have sewn for "Someone" and also crash test it before I send it out. Who else is available to be my guinea pig besides him?

look at the way he followed my facial expression? Haha i know.. we're a bunch of goofies!

Have a good weekend everyone. Err guess its too late to wish everyone that cos by now everyone gone back and is having dinner now :P

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Who Farted?

We're in the car, on the way to Ikano and suddenly..

Me: Oi! Who Farted? (knowing that it was JD farted)
Jd: TiTi!
Jt: *looking innocent*
Me: Okay.... Who farted just now CAN eat ICE CREAM LATER..
Jd: *think Think and wanted to put his hands up but stopped* How about eat sausage?
Me: Well, okay. Who farted just now CAN eat sausage later
Jd: ME! I farted!

and we caught the culprit. :D

Monday, April 05, 2010

Jayden's fav book

This is one of Jayden's Fav Book. Don't Kill me after You FInished reading this post ok?

And He love to turn to these pages.

Jayden: mami, if I never brush teeth then my teeth also like this?
Me: Yes yes you willhave worms biting your teeth then all will have holes and then all will drop down!"
Jayden: Oh like por por and Kong Kong teeth. All drop down. Cos they never brush teeth?
Me: Errr yeah!

Jayden: Mami. This boy wear girl's panties.
Me: Yeah. You cannot wear girl's clothes you know. And you cannot play with my lipstick. If not you will look like him. You want?
Jayden: eyer.... i don't want.

Jayden: Mami.. the boy shee shee outside the toilet and all over the floor
Me: Yeah! JUST LIKE YOU! and then the floor is so dirty and smelly!
Jayden: and mami wil be angry and will tah-tah(whack) Jayden!
Me: :) of course!

Jayden: Pig, Dog and Jackass. What is a Jackass mami? 
Me: Errr Donkey.
Jayden: Jackass is Donkey. What is this mami? (asking what is that page referring to) 
Me: Well, if you never behave then you will be one of these. Either you become a pig, a dog or a donkey. Okay flip flip next page!

Jayden: rocks.. at them.
Me: Good Job Jayden (referring to him being able to read)
Jayden: *look confused* what is this mami? 
Me: It says.. you better behave if not all the people will throw rocks at the naughty boy!
Jayden: Oh......

P/s: i know.. you're wondering why on earth did i buy this book. Well,  bought during a warehouse sale and I like the illustration ( I lied. I bought it cos I was angry at my husband that time :P)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Crowd Control*updated*

Looking at the mischivious things my Justin did, it brought me back to the time when I posted about Jayden's funny doings. It's like everything is repeating all over again!

And some ppl must be thinking "why on earth did she let her kids roam all over the house and why didn't she hide her pen/cream/vad-ever?

Well, I don't have the privilege of having a maid. I'm all alone with him and I need to do my things and i can't lock him outside my working room eh? Some say "you cannot lock him up wan meh?". *sigh* Trust me.. if he wants to go out- he can cos he is Houdini.

I found him doing this , this morning.Never show him, cos he learn very fast!

So think think think..I did this.

The Jail Playroom

I moved them back into my room and let them sleep on the matress on the floor and I sleep on my king size bed (FINALLY AFTER 1 YEAR of sleeping on the matress with them!) I thought I am with them 24/7, why not have my own time (without anyone touching) me for 8 hours? So I converted their room into a jail playroom.

Jayden's bed became the sofa.

And they happily eat their lunch while watching tele. With kor kor around, the small one will stay in the room. But if Jayden climb over the gate, that's it. He will scream and wail.So the trick is to ask Jayden to stay in the room and not come out until I allow him to do so. Otherwise....*hold cane*

For me without any helper, this is the only way to control a crowd. Next is to go to Ikea and get some selves to chuck arrange all the toys in this room. 

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Justin : *poke**poke* mami....

Me: Yeah baby? *looking at the mac screen*

Justin: *Poke**poke* Mami Mami Mami Mami Mami

Me: Yeah yeah yeah yeah ???????? *looking at the mac screen*

Justin: *poke**poke under underarm near to kalaktai/Armpit*

Me: *jumped* Oi! *and turned...*
He poked me with a MARKER PEN!


And he drew his own face and fingers. Luckily he came and poke my kalaktai, otherwise he will picaso my entire house.

He with his phua chu kang moles.

And the tiny fingers are so hard to scrub especially when the ink is from permanent marker.

Sorry for the oh-so-sexy-pose. I don't know how to take the kalaktai pic without exposing my kalaktai

Here you go dadi. This is what your son did while you're away.