Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Pipe Man

just now right..this malay guy came la...say wanna check my cooking pipe.

So as usual i said no need la.. then he said "YA A _ _ AH (we cannot say THE WORD!) Ini bukan panggil u tukar la, Mau CHECK SAJA LA!

So fine..since my part time maid is around and she is quite big size to topple him if he dare to attack us.. muahhaha So i let him check. so he checked left and right then he asked me to feel the pipe. True la.. its slightly broken. Then he took out some cut out from 1988 saying we cannot use this plastic pipe since 1988. Yada Yada Yada..

Then asked me to change 79.90 then i said Ok, will ask my hub to change. He tulan and asked me.. "where yr hub going to find? we MONOPOLY the mkt. Only We have".

I said nevermind, he make the decision.

So he belittle me, say i respect my hub dun respect myself wor, dun care about my own safety. Say he know I don't make any money.. and my husband doesn't care about me. I cook and if explode i die first. Keep stepping on me indicating i am stupid this and that.

I said money I have, but This kind of things I want him to be resp. I said give me yr namecard and wil call u if we need. he say no.. later u go complain say i make yr pipe spoil. He say u cannot find anywhere wan....and yr husband cannot find any information about our pipe.

I said "takpe eh... i carik kat internet. Mesti banyak information.Terima kasih yea....."

And locked my door.

everyday also check and check which one is the official one also we dunno.


  1. Sounds like con-man to me. And are you sure he didn't damage your cooking stove?

  2. I wouldn't have let him in. You're quite brave leh.

  3. I encounter the same thing but I didn't let him in. Some more say from the govt. BS big time.

  4. Next time dun ever let this kind of man go into your house n check...regardless got anyone at home...too dangerous...once they come in sure they ask u change....if no leak then they say ur pipe is not a good gas pipe...

    Normally i ask the gas man who deliver gas to check...

  5. Wah, scary man...I'd be too chicken to let strangers in.

  6. this man is fake one la..maybe he purposely damaged your stove

  7. aiyoh.. u so brave.. letting him in, my goodness...somemore perli u... hey, be careful la, si lai.. dont play play..
    really like WMC... so geng!

  8. i had same experince before but i didnt let him in cos that time i was only with my gals and hub not in. He kept pestering and said no worry, i tarak tipu u..arhhh who knows. Not that con man face actually carved the words i m a con man on his forehead**hahhaha

  9. I definitely won't let him in. With all the horror stories we hear, it's best to keep strangers out of our hse.

  10. lucky u never let him do it..even if he's not con man also so disrespectful!>C

  11. Serious ah? Got people come and check gas pipe one meh? I never experience this before leh. But sounds a bit scary lah.

  12. i kenna b4..i told him i dun use gas cooker...hehehehe

  13. scary! dont let him in next time!

    kekeke.. i usually tell the man ringing the doorbell; "iyaaa.. iya??? tidakk tidakkk, tuan rumah tiada di rumahhh...."


    hentam aje la!