Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Lie Mom.

It was last night that Jayden started crying cos his Thomas is broken. Many of you guys know, that his fav toy train is Thomas. He eat, shit, sleep and play with it. So he went berserk last night asking his handy manny mom to fix it IMMEDIATELY! I said nope, I'll fix it tomorrow cos I didn't sleep for 3 freaking nights before that. And I just wanted to piss him off cos I have been telling him to love his train more and not throw and torture them. Just look at Thomas coat of paint.

Pity the train and look at the broken wheels.

This morning, the first thing that he asked before going to school was his train of course. I was busy preparing his sch water tumbler and my own coffee..

Jayden : Mami Mami fix Thomas now
Me: errr i'll fix it later k?
Jayden" *sob* fix now....fix now...
Me: hmm but we ran out of glue. I'll go and buy later ok? * LYING*
Jayden: *walk off*

1 min later.

Jayden: What about this mum? It's SUPER GLUE. Can you read?

Me: .... errr yeah.
Jayden : its S-U-P-E--R Super G-L-U-E Glue.
Me: okay okay I get it. But now I gotto send you to school. We're late!
Jayden: Later you can use this SUPER GLUE to glue it back. Okay mami? Okay? Okay?
Me: Okay Okay..

So that's the story. The moral of the story is, don't try to fool them when they know how to read.

The end.


  1. Hahaha...mummy trying to lie but unsuccessful.

  2. Kids are not easy to fool nowadays

  3. ha... smarter than you think !

  4. JAYDEN IS SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pity Thomas...the paint of the train body really goes off alot! for the wheel, aft it glue back, it sure easily broken again if he play rough with it...

    He really so smart to spot the glue for cannot lie..haha

  6. i'm super impressed that jayden can read so well now! how did u do it sasha? this ban of mine wont cooperate! i'm one unhappy momma!

  7. hahahahaha kena outsmart edi. pandai yr boy :)