Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why u so busy?

I know.... I know.. i never update my blog for sucha long time.

I know... i Know.. I never blog hop and leave comments. Sorry. No time.

I was busy.

With kids.

With kids.

With very active kids.

And also my own career.

What??? I have one? I thought I am a SILAI? Housewife?

Oh....yes......... I am a freelance designer and a Stay At Home mom which makes me a Work at Home mom. Sometimes a MAM (monster at home) or BAMH ( b**** at home).

So what was my latest project? It was a leftlet for an online shop called Modern Carino. Ling wrote to me once asking me to design her website but I no nothing about website designing. So I gotto let it go but she came back asking me to design her business leaflet. Ah.... just what I need to pick me up from being depressed and let me find back my skill!

After many rounds of emails and communicating via msn, finally.....

I love it. She love it. What else we need? right? Then she asked "Can you do my name card too?" Well of course maam!

So altogether she hired me to design a leaflet and also her name card (speaking of which,... i sendiri also no name card yet.muahahhaha) Becos of her generousity.. i gave her a pressie. A blinkie for her online site.


P/S: I must highlight that I didn't draw the mom and kid. It was a file provided by Ling from her previous designer. So don't go CHEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH other things in the leaflet also nice ma..right? right? hehe

Anyway, do visit the shop cos they are having sale right not for the cloth diaper and also pads!

Once again, Thanks Ling for the opportunity. :)


  1. Very nice design!! I didn't know Ling has an online shop. Wow, now so many business SAHM.

  2. nice nice!I like the leaflet,the colours and design so refreshing!

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Well done! from Anonymous...

  4. Michelle: Thanks:) Yeah now all SAHM also very clever.

    LvBeii: Thanks Thanks I love the colours too

    Annon: Thanks :)

  5. wow, you are really creative! At least you haf a career, I have none =P

  6. Cool...Now Ling have nice leaflet and name card liao.. :)

  7. The leaflet design looks really awesome! Nice one!

  8. very nice design.. like the colour..

    dont get depressed lah... eat more chocolate...

  9. Sasha... do you do book design? And if you much you charge for it?

  10. I like the design of the leaflet too!! Very creative!! Now, I have to check on the website to see what I can buy..haha...

  11. Sasha..indeed you are very talented. Should leverage more on your talent..:) Keep up the good work..

  12. NICE! Edi chopped n confirmed, u're multi-talented. ;)

  13. well are great n creative....

  14. GREAT work! very nice, cute! u mmg superwoman!!!!

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  16. HATE ppl who think staying at home means lots of free time. punch em!

  17. Yes...yes i LOVE it!! Thanks Sasha for coming out with an awesome leaflet for me.

    Keep it up the good work!!! Gambateh Sasha!!