Monday, April 05, 2010

Jayden's fav book

This is one of Jayden's Fav Book. Don't Kill me after You FInished reading this post ok?

And He love to turn to these pages.

Jayden: mami, if I never brush teeth then my teeth also like this?
Me: Yes yes you willhave worms biting your teeth then all will have holes and then all will drop down!"
Jayden: Oh like por por and Kong Kong teeth. All drop down. Cos they never brush teeth?
Me: Errr yeah!

Jayden: Mami. This boy wear girl's panties.
Me: Yeah. You cannot wear girl's clothes you know. And you cannot play with my lipstick. If not you will look like him. You want?
Jayden: eyer.... i don't want.

Jayden: Mami.. the boy shee shee outside the toilet and all over the floor
Me: Yeah! JUST LIKE YOU! and then the floor is so dirty and smelly!
Jayden: and mami wil be angry and will tah-tah(whack) Jayden!
Me: :) of course!

Jayden: Pig, Dog and Jackass. What is a Jackass mami? 
Me: Errr Donkey.
Jayden: Jackass is Donkey. What is this mami? (asking what is that page referring to) 
Me: Well, if you never behave then you will be one of these. Either you become a pig, a dog or a donkey. Okay flip flip next page!

Jayden: rocks.. at them.
Me: Good Job Jayden (referring to him being able to read)
Jayden: *look confused* what is this mami? 
Me: It says.. you better behave if not all the people will throw rocks at the naughty boy!
Jayden: Oh......

P/s: i know.. you're wondering why on earth did i buy this book. Well,  bought during a warehouse sale and I like the illustration ( I lied. I bought it cos I was angry at my husband that time :P)


  1. LMAO !!!!.. sash... i dont know wat to say !!!

  2. mana lagi i can buy?
    i want to threaten philip if he still dont want to pee in the toilet, etc

  3. hahaha! this is very funny and yes, i was wondering why you ask us not to kill you when we finish reading the post.

    ur hubby got say anything about this book? or he doesnt know about it yet? ;)

  4. Janice: Haha I know!

    LilLamb: I dunno where else u can buy this book but u can print my pic and show it to him

    Ryeli: He knows and he scolded me. Stupid ah u go and buy this book. Muahhaha So????

  5. haha,if i'm jayden i will be as confused as well!at least the book will warn Jayden not to be all the above.:P

  6. Haha... that's such a strange book to publish let alone buy!

  7. Cute book..although the cover wording not so good to read, at least the contents inside does teach Jayden something..

    Nothing wrong and yea, sometimes men are real stupid, good buy!

  8. Eh, I want this book! Which warehouse sale? Wanna buy for MY naughty son! Humph...

  9. I love the book and the illustration too and the fact that JD is one helluva clever boy!! You must be proud, ey? ;)

  10. dunno what to say *haha*

  11. I like the book too.. I probably would have bought it, and gave my hubs as present.. :P

  12. Good buy:) Can kill two birds with one stone!!

  13. GOOD illustrator and so true ya ...:P i thot is a review book ... LOL

  14. I am not Jayden
    But I am damn confuse as well :P

  15. So clever, he can read! The book doesn't look like it's meant for adults. Guess it's for teaching children (boys) wat NOT to do.

  16. hahaha...what a cool book! Wish they had one for girls too! Should have bought more, can sell!

  17. i like the book le... it's funny and true. I can show it to my lou kong!!!haahhaa....