Monday, April 12, 2010

i cannot talk.

Scenario one: Neighbour came over

Neighbour: Blablablablabla
Me: Yeah blablablabla
Jayden: mami Mami!! *stand in front of me and block my view* Excuse me
Me: Yes, what do you want?
Jayden :)
Me: blablablabla
Neighbour: Blablablabla
Jayden: Mami! Mami! *block view and use hands to cover my mouth*
Neighbour: Jayden, you cannot do this you know.. its very rude. Your mami want to talk.
Jayden: *ignored* mami! Mami! EXCUSE ME!
ME: YES!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT????????? TALK! Don't disturb me and Aunty Dorothy while we're talking okay?
Jayden: *nod nod*
Me: So what DO YOU WANT?
Jayden: *smile*
Me: Nothing? Then don't disturb. Blablablabla
Jayden: *exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* (with the wavy tone up and down)
Jayden: *SMILE*

Scenario two: I was talking to my husband about something which made me so upset last night
Me: blablablabla! Bla!
Husband: hmmmmm hmmmmm
Jayden: Mami mami mami mami mami mami... Mami mami mami excuse me mami. Excuseeeee me. Mami
Husband: You layan him abit la....
Me: YES.
Jayden: :)
Me: say, what u wanna say.
Jayden: :)
Me: blablablablabla
Jayden: mami mami mami mami mami mami *use hand to cover my mouth*
Me: EH! don't be rude ah!
Jayden: Mami Mami Mami Mami Excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jayden: :) *and walk off*

Scenario two:
Me: Blablablablablabla *talking on the phone*
Justin: mami... Uwaaaa.. mami. Uwa.... *climb on my body*
Me: *carry justin* blablablablabla
Justin: Mami.............Uwaaaaaaaaaaa.....Mami mami Mami...*use train to play on my mouth* mami mami!
Friend: I think you better go and layan your son.
Me: Okay bye. *click* what do you want Justin?
Justin: *kept quiet*

and this happen all the time.

Big one like that. Small one also like that. *sigh* and some ppl won't understand. How i wish I can scream "WHAT THE FARK do you want???!!!!!!!!!" But I cannot. I can just act like zombie and keep quiet.

I have already given up my job. Stay at home, cook, play, bath, sleep with them. Its still NOT enough. They don't even allow me to talk, to talk about my problems or anything at all. I cannot give up talking and entertain them all the time cos if I do that, then what about the future. I can't even talk to anyone. Better ask me to dig a hole and go bury myself.

what to do? how to fix it? Just ignore and let them get used to it. Then they cry.........cry............. for no reason.

Wanna carry all the time.

NO........Not going to happen to me. Today I carry, tomorrow he wanna carry again. Then again again again then i ORSI (shit) also cannot orsi in peace.

So yeah. I'm not a good mom. I let my kids cry.

So there. Since i cannot TALK, then i write.


  1. MSN downloaded? if only can write, then only MSN can help lor.. think it's just a phase la, they will be bored of you not working soon.. :p

  2. I like this post of yours,, hahahah.

    hey you have a great week ahead

  3. well, kids want attention.

  4. when they grow up and read this post, they will furnish u with all the love u will always cherish! :) ok, do stop writing, u better go orsi first.. :)

  5. oh.. this is so familiar.. mine will talk louder than me.. and esp so when we are on the phone.. she purposely talk soo loud to disrupt. Once she had it from Papa.. PIAK !!! PIAK !!!

  6. err.. is leaving kids cry consider bad mom ??
    then high five.. !! i do that too..

    nvm come talk to me !!..

  7. Now, if I want to orsi in peace, I have to wait til Maine naps... then my si will come out nice nice... :P And I cannot recall the last time I pot pet on the phone with my friends. :S

  8. normal for kids to seek attention. Sometimes very geram too when the kid make noise while I wanna get something done or make a phone call

  9. i guess they want your attention, not to annoy you. Be cool and patient, Sasha. I have this phase with my 4 yrs old girl too. I just couldnt help screaming at her sometimes, she keeps annoying me with same questions. Sigh!

  10. LOL! they want your attentions!

  11. And thats precisely why i dont want a 2nd one and I dont want to stay home. Yeah, Im a bad mommy too. I dont want to sacrifice 100%of my life for my kids. I need my own life too. And I am sure of that even before I got married & had kids. If my hubby insist, I will ask him to fly kite and go find another wife. Yes, I dont mind. But leave me first. Sorry to be too honest.

  12. Exactly, it is just a phase down babe...

    when Terry was like 1+ or 2 he also once like that...last for few has not been happen for long till last week the interruption phase is back..a guest came my house..we chat a bit of coz and he kept "mami, mami..." louder than my talking want to make the guest leave us and want me stop talking attend to him, but nothing he wants...when the fren wanna go back..she said, "nah, give back your mami to u now."..back to my parent's place..when I talk to my mum also like end up I only can talk when he nap...

  13. Wenn is right, they need your attention and somehow, they feel this action is interesting. you can stop this by punish them, though isnt a wise decision. perhaps, you can tell them to be quiet and you buy them the toy/icecream/choclate or whatever they like.

  14. Kids can really irritate the h*ll out of us huh. :D

  15. wow!want talk but cannot..hope this phase will be gone soon for you!nobody likes having no privacy,nothing to do with you not being a good mum!You're doing a great job!All the best!!

  16. haha urs at least say excuse me, mine pushes me away while i'm talking O.o

  17. the boys just wanted your attention! justin probably saw what kor kor did to you, and he follow his actions lor. same case here for shan leo & shan rae!

  18. hahaha.. again, I can't stop laughing at this post. me too, cant even orsi in peace, sometime has to hold it till late at night, a bit gross hor...

    They just want attention lah...

  19. haha! my lil missy now cry baby. anything also cry, so we let her cry, we bad parents. sigh. dunno what to do edi, she cry for fun, mmm hai let her cry lor :(