Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Then and now

I used to give him alot of food to bring for recess. Cos he doesn't have friends, so for that 20 mins he would just sit alone and stuff himself with food. :(

Soon, he started to have leftover. Then I found out he ate less, cos he finally has friends to play with. :)
I was jumping in joy and throwing my hands up and say "YES! YES! YES! my son got friends to play with now! (only imagining hehe )

I asked him " aren't you hungry?" He replied "yes, but then if I eat, then I got no time to play catching anymore. Can you give me less food?". 

Slowly, I reduced his food. From food with packet drink, down to just one packet of snack (biscuit or bread). Sometimes he would also buy drink from the canteen. Another milestone for him, cos he just refused to buy anything from school when I'm not with him.

Top: Then
Bottom Left: Just a pack of biscuit and a packet drink
Bottom Right: Now.

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  1. wow, that's a lot of food. Can finish all in 20 mins? Good boy. Ashley's is only 15 mins and sometimes don't have enough time to finish a slice of bread :( Takes a while to chew and swallow.