Monday, June 10, 2013

Lost and relieved

Backdated post...

Jayden front teeth was shaky until one day he was trying to remove the string on the "packet bread from market" with his teeth and he accidentally yanked his teeth senget. Then onwards, his gums were swollen and his teeth was senget and shaky. And then onwards he had a hard time eating.

And then on Friday night, while I was folding clothes he asked me to help him remove his teeth for him. I said "ok, let me finish folding my laundry and I'll go get the thread and help him yank it out. Not even 5 minutes, he came running "mami mami... My tooth!" And his mouth were bleeding so I rushed him to the toilet and helped him clean up. And then he told me that he accidentally yanked it out when he was playing with his pillow. *lol* but he was extremely happy that its out. He quickly asked me to put into his tooth album, write the date and also take a pic of him and his tooth, and also the new baby tooth that pushed his old tooth out.

Ever since his tooth was off, he looks happier (don't forget much funnier with the missing tooth!!" And he can eat faster too. I asked him "are you glad that your tooth is out?" He said "yes!!" I said "b... You look so cute with a missing tooth. Finally u are cuter than Justin. Wanna loose another tooth and be much much cuter than justin?" And he replied "hehe yes!! "

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