Wednesday, June 05, 2013


If you have read my old posts, you might have read that we suspected that JT is probably dyslexic. We are waiting for his assessment but in the mean time, I'm trying to help him as much as possible. Besides reading and writing, I'm trying to build his confidence cos not being able to read sometimes make him so sad and lack of confidence.
This morning , I taught him how to handle my DSLR and told him "perhaps you can be a photographer some day?". He smiled and said "yes! Maybe I can!" Then he was sad again. He said "but... I don't have a camera. How to be photographer?" I told him "I give you mine lah" and he said "really?! Yay!" Then he was sad again " if you give me yr camera then you have no camera anymore. Or maybe you can buy a new camera and then only you give me this?"

Sweetness overload 😍 <3


  1. So sweet la. He so concerned you no camera.

  2. JT is taking picture like a pro, ada gaya! lol

    1. Thanks. Ya he's good ^_^