Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sew A Dumpling Five Stones

A friend asked me if I know how to sew "five stones" that looked like a pyramid cos she wants to sew for her kids to play. So I quickly snip snip some fabric and did this tutorial.

Cut a fabric and fold it into half. If you can cut and fold and make a perfect square, that's better. Sew an L shape and leave a corner to be opened. Or if you're joining 2 pieces of cloth, then sew 3 sides and leave one side opened.

Flip the fabric outwards. (flip it inside out)

And fold the opening the other way round like this. Make sure that the sewing is right in the middle like this.
You can either sew half of the opening first then fill it up with seeds , or fill them up an then sew up the opening.

And you will get a five stone just like this. And after I'm done, I thought "hey it looks like a dumpling! So appropriate since its Chinese dumpling festival.

And here's the complete set of dumpling five stones.

This reminds me of my first ever project that I have sold. I used to make five stones and sell them for rm1 for a set or 30cents for single five stones when I was in standard 1. Haha yeah I keep selling and selling until my grandma find out that I have been using her rice to fill the five stones up. *lol* after that, I started making other things to sell.

****important notice******
Saga seeds are highly poisonous if its biten/opened. Please ensure kids are old enough to understand and won't put saga seeds into the mouth.


  1. awesome. you can sew and sell them at sewing monster now. i saw a lady selling them at amcorp mall flea market and i bought them. very heavy and not dumpling shape :(

  2. Saga seeds! The seeds of childhood. Love your five stones. You are a true blue business woman, starting from std 1. hahaha.

  3. Very enterprising woman! Where you get all that energy?! :)

  4. Yes! My boy came back from school today saying his kemahiran hidup teacher taught them to make this but he didn't know how and it needs to be passed up next week. I remember I read somewhere about this stuff. I googled and found your post! Thanks Sasha!