Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lost a textbook?

My son lost his textbook the other day and when I went to see his teacher, she was pretty upset and was complaining about JD being careless and not responsible towards his own thing. At the same time I reminded her that the girl sitting in front of him also lost her book. The teacher made a big fuss over it and said that we can't find it anywhere and she must order it for us and we gotto wait a long time for it.

I went and looked for my friend and borrowed her son's book and photostated the book so he can catch up with the lesson and also ordered from his teacher. And guess what? I found the same textbook in Popular bookstore ikano. . Same price, same content. And the only difference is that the back if the book was not printed with the sentence "tidak boleh dijual".

So I bought the book and went to see the teacher the next day and told her I manage to buy the book from the bookstore. Boy oh boy... Was she surprised. But, since it's "very troublesome to cancel the order", I told her to carry on with the order while my son uses the book that I bought for him. Case close.

And then a few other friends also posted in fb over the same worries and also the same problem with the teachers.

So sharing here with my readers, if your kid so happened to loose the textbook, do not worry and run around like a headless chicken looking for the textbook. Just go to Popular Bookstore in Ikano and look for it.


  1. Thx for the tip. my turn coming soon. :(

  2. Im sad d teacher made petty excuses n not helpful. That person doesnt cut it to be teacher. It is not so difficult to say nice soothing words n give credits to concern parents like u. It's normal for kids for losing stuffs but it's not normal for teachers not to try to understand it. Pretty sad. U r a good mom, stay steadfast and dont give up. Truly admire ur efforts n concern. That extra miles deserve credit.

  3. Thanks for sharing Sasha.