Monday, June 24, 2013

The Cure For Autism

Many parents asked:
Why need to go therapy for so long? So expensive!
Why is he not improving? he went to 3 therapies edi leh! 
Why is he like that????? *pull hair*
Should I give him this medicine. I heard it can cure Autism.
Its just Vitamins. Not medicine. So it's alright.
Why, why,why,why,why,why.When,When,When,When.

So here is the medicine that I have invented.

         A big pill of patience, a pill of Love and a pill of time.

Take it for maybe a year or two, and hopefully YOU will learn to accept that autism is a lifelong thing, and they are no less than any other kid out there, and probably you can learn how to help your kid to use what they have and maximize the full potential cos the sky is the limit no matter whether they are just regular or special kid.

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  1. Beautifully summed up. Like your medication.