Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Asperger And Us

Backdated post from my FB. ( I malas wanna create another version for my blog)

Year 2012 was a dark year for us, because that's when we got to know that JD has Asperger. We're lost, sad, angry and depressed when we found out. JD had low self esteem, sad and confused when he found out, and I was very emotionally and physically drained from all the crying, reading and chauffeuring him to classes and therapies. 2013 marked our most saddening incident where JD was discriminated in sch by his teacher and friends. And this year would also be the year that I stand out and share and educate people who have no idea what disorder is about.

From my observation, many people (be it teacher, parents or non parents) also likes to judge ppl esp kids by saying that they are hyper and naughty. Many people including my own friends think that this disorder is just like flu, leave it or eat medicine-it will heal kind. My friend told me "its not their fault, they are not aware of this problem. No one to educate them". True and Fair enough. No one educate me about Autism even before my son was diagnosed, but I took time to read and learn. I can only say it depends on the person itself, whether they wanna learn more things or just simply know nothing and judge ppl as if they themselves are so damn perfect. I have seen how ppl like to judge and pass remarks about me and my son, but I don't blame them. Instead I pity them for their lack of knowledge and wish that Karma doesn't get them, THAT bad if you know what i mean.

Sadly but true, I know many people do not wanna know more because to them, they have "normal" kids, why bother about the things that WON'T HAPPEN to them? I can tell you, Asperger is the last and hardest disorder to be diagnosed and it CAN happen to any kids, because they have normal development and growth just like any other kids out there. Even if you have a perfect kid, someone else around you might have it and it will help you to understand them more. And if you deny or do not know it, it will only cause harm to them. Because if you do not help them when they are young, it will cause a lot of harm to them and to other people around them when they are older. That time, even if you have loads of money and time to spare, it is too late.

I didn't share this earlier NOT because I am afraid that people would look down on me or my son. It's because I was shunned by some friends when I told them and the remarks I received made me even more hurt. Also, I don't think its my duty to educate ppl and also I don't want ppl to misunderstand that I am using my son's problem to get "PITY LIKES" or "GET ATTENTION". But after some thoughts, I think things happen for a reason. Perhaps god wants me to use my network (be it in FB or blogging) to share this and educate ppl.

So I am warning you in advance that from today onwards, I will be flooding your wall with loads of information and happening. Please hide me from your wall if you do not want to know more, cos the last thing I wanna do is to offend anyone here.


  1. some will shun but most wont. Saw the one about teacher. Sad to see that even educator behave so badly.

    It's not penyakit berjangkit . Don;t understand why people wanna look down or shun.

  2. Great that you've decided on sharing and educating others! Indeed, many educators aren't sufficiently educated themselves on children's needs. All the best in finding the support you need. Have a great year ahead!

  3. I only met JD once at TTDI park but I can see that he's a good and obedient boy. Those people who shun are unsecured people with different wavelength. If they don't bother tuning themselves to be on the same wavelength as yours, then why should you care? It's their problem, not yours. Put in your best effort and knowledge to raise and guide JD and prove them wrong. That's the best revenge ever. Also remember to give yourself a break once a while, mommy.

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  5. Sasha, I am have been a silent reader for a long long time.... always love your wit and honesty in sharing your family life. Aspergers may fall under Autism spectrum but it is the high functioning type. With early intervention, I am confident JD would be able to fit into society well as he grows. I am so glad that you are standing out to educate people about Aspergers. Be a proud parent of an Aspergers child and strive to give people a better understanding of the disorder. You will never know how much your readers will benefit from your sharing. :)

  6. I have been reading your blog on and off, I am a mum to a 7 year old boy. I must say I admire you。。。a lot! 加油!