Saturday, December 29, 2012

Update on my garden (episode 2)

The mulberries are growing...
lots of them.

The spinach ( that grew by itself in my garden) and cabbage is a perfect match. At least the colour matches and it's such a nice feeling just looking at the 2 of them.

My radish icicle many many days ago...

My radish icicle after a few days
See how much it grows?

My japanese cucumber...

My japanese cucumber flowers. I really pray and hope that I will see baby cucumbers soon!

My lotus before and after. I missed the bloom cos I was away in Singapore for 3 days.

My tomato plant growing outside my raised bed is beginning to have tiny buds too. I wonder when I can have my first tomato *sigh*

My Hong Kong Sawi

My purple king climbing bean

My Beetroot

My okras which I transferred them further apart after this picture was taken...

and my tiny Red Scarlet Radish. My dad saw this pic and he said "I thought radish grow INSIDE the soil? why is yours standing outside the soil?" *lol*

and my corns.

I like being in my garden especially at night. Cos I stay in between 2 highways, I can always hear the car sound at night. And the garden is so serene and peaceful while i check my plants and dig my soil. And my 2 dogs will be around me.
My friend asked me.. so you're into gardening now eh? so aunty la....
hahah yeah aunty but at least i plant the radish, i get radish and not other things. You know what i mean?


  1. can teach me your gardening ar?
    I oso want to plant own vege leh.

    1. I'm also newbie wor.. but welcome you to join my gardening group in FB. Look for Green Nook :D

  2. It is true. You plant radish, you get radish. Not that you plant friendship, but you get hatred.

  3. wah plant so many things....good therapy huh...your house facing the highway? why gardening very aunty meh? don't understand la these people. my house not allow me to have garden, no space....sob

  4. what aunty ??? gardening aunty.. boh tak cheik laa.. your fren..