Thursday, December 13, 2012

is it Christmas yet?

We went out with my ex-neighbour and she gave us a pack of Snow Flakes Origami set and Xmas pressie for the kids. Justin, of course (being her fav) got the biggest pressie. Our journey from my old house to my new house is like 1 min. In that ONE soon as he received the pressie..

JT: Mami, is it Christmas yet?

Me: Nope. 25th December. Many more days.

JT: Okay............ Is it christmas now?

Me: Not yet. You just asked lah.

JT: okay........ when?

Me: 25th December my dear.

JT: Okay............ Now, is it christmas.

Me: Oh my god, Justin! Not yet.

JD: Haiyoh, 25th December lah! Not yet

JT: okay.......... How about now?

ME and JD: AIYOH!!!!

(reached home)

JT: okay, now is christmas right?

Me: *slap forehead* No!

JT: you bluff me. Just now i saw decoration in the class. Got christmas tree. Means its christmas already!

Now you know why he is so excited about the present? Chocolate and Car. Both his fav.


  1. How generous of your ex-neighbour. :) You may want to give JT a calendar to do count down to X'mas day by crossing out the day as it passes? Just my thought. :)

  2. hahahaha.. will he start asking everyday whether is Christmas yet?

  3. hahhaha he's too funny! i couldnt believe how eloquent he is when i met him. talks like a grown up, that jt!