Monday, December 10, 2012

Are you inspired ?

I am!!

We went to MAHA not long ago and I'm in awe by just looking at the veg and fruits grown by these ppl.

Huge loofahs, pumpkin, gourds were growing everywhere.

The gourd is very THE BIG!

melon growing vertically... (yeah it looks dead but it was the 2nd last day of the event so that explains)

Veg growing out of PET bottles. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle babe!

Vertical Hydroponic farm. AMAZING!

I have never tasted Kohl Rabi before I'm just amazed with the way it was planted.

Oh cabbage.. you so nice looking!

And the pumpkin taken from very very far away. Imagine the size when it's near.

My kids has fun looking at animals. And they're quite confused with the cross breeds with goat looking like this...
Think its a mixed llama and goat. And they have super sized bulls. Weird looking goats that looked like they have wings and all. 

MAHA is really the right place to go to IF you're into agriculture. We spent the whole day at that place., walking alot and going up and down the bus and we got abit worried at the end of the day cos we went too far in and it was raining with kids , one sleeping and another one going to pengsan. But I'm glad I went and if they have it again next year, I'll bring foldable bicycle. *LOL*

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  1. errr...inspired to eat only can ah? not grow. Me no talent to grow things :p