Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Got tricked by Justin ;)

We bought A paint-it-yourself kit for my ex-neighbour and I told JT, not to tell what's inside. So we went to her house and sent went down to give her the pressie and he decided he wanna stay there for a few hours. After he came back home, I asked him :

Me: So did Aunty D asked you what's inside the pressie??
JT: yeah.
Me: what did you say? did you tell her?
JT: I said I don't know.
Me: then how?
JT: then she ask again. And then I said it's a table cloth.
JT: yeah. I told her its a table cloth.
Me: *lol* then what she say? did she open the present?
JT: after that she never say anything. She just put the present down.

Hahhaha must be so heart broken thinking that I got her a table cloth. So this morning I called her to verify what JT told me and she said "Ah your son is so cheeky! kept saying I don't know I don't know when I asked him. And then I tried to trick him by saying "is it a towel? Is it a table cloth? And he quickly said, yeah its a table cloth. It's a blue table cloth. So today I opened and I saw and thought AIYAH i got tricked by justin!"


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