Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mum, the typical Chinese mum

My mum is the typical traditional chinese mother. She doesn't show much affection, that means no hug no kiss. It's always scolding, nagging, smacking and sarcasm that kills yr thought there and then.

But ever since she became a grandmother, it totally changed her. Well, towards her grandkids I mean. She hugs, kiss and then say "nevermind" and "can" to almost everything.

The other day, I brought my MacBook along to my parents house to work. Without realizing it, she added a keychain ring to my broken zipper. She said "spoil edi ma... How to open and close? I add this for you edi lah!!!!" in an angry scolding tone. Putih Putih I got scolding from her, but then I know that she loves me <3>


  1. My mother also like typical Chinese Mum :). Cucu anything boleh kena spoil...hehehe..