Tuesday, December 04, 2012

DIY: DogHouse + PlayHouse (part 1)

I went around hunting for a dog house for my dog, and my jaws dropped. Rm1.4k for a doghouse.

Although it's high quality and can last for 10years, its rather small for just one dog. I'm planning to have 2 dogs so if I were to order a house that fits 2 dogs, it's gonna cost me a BOMB.

Initially I wanted to recycle the woods from our renovation to build a doghouse. But after I tried to saw one pc of it, I gave up. It's too thick and at the end we called our construction worker to come over and help us build raised bed for my veg patch. I thought I'm just gonna scrap the doghouse idea off until one night at11pm, I found my dog wet. He saw me working at my kitchen and he accompanied me and he was soaking wet cos my kitchen door doesn't have a proper awning to block the rain. So I decided, I'm gonna build a dog house for him, myself!

So I began sourcing for wood sizes and prices on my birthday, 12th November. To start things off, i bought myself a hammer on that day. *lol*

I tell you, the people at the hardware store is pissed with me. They must be thinking this crazy woman is wasting our time. If 8ft how much? if 10 ft leh? if 12 ft leh?

After I got the measurement of the woods and the prices, I went home and began sketching the house plan. My son call it the "blue print".

And I calculated the $ involved, and again I was stunned. My initial costing came up to rm700. I was upset and was about to give up. My husband asked "Rm700, how many days to make? Is it better to just buy?"

The next day, I began sketching again. And I modified the plan and recalculated. Ah.. This time is within my budget

So the next day I went to the hardware shop and ordered the wood. It came in 8ft, 10ft and 12ft. You need to calculate the measurement and tell them exactly where to cut. I measured the wood myself (yes, cos they are not gonna be responsible if they cut it wrongly and you will waste your wood) and monitored them while they cut the wood shorter so that I can transport them home in my sedan car.

I went home and my husband was surprised that I'm serious about it. But he left me alone cos he knows that when I'm doing a project it means DND mode.(do not disturb)

I started to saw, joined and hammer the frames together. My JD came and asked "are you a Handy mummy? (after handy manny cartoon) and I said I guess so? "Can I help you mami?" Of course!

When I was done with the frame, I was quite dissappointed with it cos the frame looks flimsy.

*sigh* I thought about it that night and I thought "worst come to worst, I can reuse the wood and make something else", right?

To be continued...


  1. FAST fast continue.. you always amaze me with your work!!!!

  2. walao, u really can make alot of stuff hor!!

    btw, my area here got lot of woods, ppl here like to destroy whole house n rebuild a new one...so can see woods every where...else u can just collect from them!

  3. Salute salute and *jaw drop*

    Clap clap clap...it is very very nice!!!! Can't wait to read the part II!! You're amazing!

  4. gambateh !!... super woman !!!...

  5. You really GENG leh! Jia you, handy mama! :)

  6. any hardware shop can saw to anything i want? like my hob cover?

  7. this is cool :) you are indeed a 'hanny' mummy :)

  8. Wow, sasha you always amazed me! Thumbs up to you!

  9. Use plexiglass (acrylic) as ur wall so as to strengthen the structure n it's more weather proof... Cos it wouldn't corrode easily like wood under rain n shine...

  10. Salute the handy Mom