Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is she your step mother?

while on our way back from sch on friday...

Me: nah... tomorrow you're going to robotic class you know. You must listen to your teacher okay? Let her finish talking, then only you ask question. okay?
JD: mami, did you go to robotic class last time?
Me: nope.
JD: why?
Me: Cos pohpoh won't let me join anything. She said its expensive. Any classes also cannot join. Like i like to dance, she don't allow me to go ballet, I like art she don't allow me to go art class..what also cannot join..
JD: is......she.. your step mother?
Me: ah???? Nolah. She is my real mother.
JD: Then....why she don't let you do anything at all?
Me: hehe cos.. last time poh poh is busy working and she think there is no need to join any classes lor. But now, I have you and titi, I will see what class you all like to attend, then if its not too expensive, then I let you go lor. But then you cannot say go one day and then tomorrow don't wanna go cos then you will waste my money, you understand?
JD: yes.

And he happily went for his first robotic class last sat. I just hope that he will excel in this :)


  1. Ohh..my girl is attending this robotic class too. She loves it probably she gets to experience the hands on from scratch.

  2. Interesting, may be you can tell us more about his robotic class in future.

  3. LMAO! That is so funny!