Thursday, January 10, 2013

My First Garden Video

One way I manage to release my stress is via gardening. When its night time, i just go to my garden and just water my plants and sit in the my garden and do absolutely nothing. My day start at 7am and it goes on and on until it's 11pm. Sometimes I am at my garden at 11pm till past midnight.

My radish looks abit different to me so I wonder is it time to harvest? It started to turn abit brownish and greenish. So I asked around and yeah, my radish is too old and my friends in Green Nook advised me to harvest it ASAP.
So here was my first ever video harvesting something from my garden.
WARNING: DO NOT LAUGH SO LOUD. You will know what I mean later.

Then JD woke up and I thought what better way for him to learn than to let him harvest something from my garden.

 And these are my radishes.
Both have knots on their body. I think I injured my radishes cos it was raining quite badly and i was transferring the radish from the ground to the pot then to the ground again. And the middle of the radish  has black dots in it. So both the radishes was no good. But nevermind, I can always plant again :)


  1. your radishes are amazing ... well done Sasha

  2. laugh until got tears. eh ...what are you doing at night in your garden? got mosquitoes or not?

  3. Haha....really obscene looking esp when u first turned it. But good harvest anywsys